Brawling Go Ch 0-40: A Comprehensive Review

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Brawling Go is an adult webtoon series that began in 2015. It is written and illustrated by Worin. The story follows the adventures of Jae Jin, a young man who gains the ability to see women’s bodies naked after an accidental encounter with a mysterious perfume. With this newfound power, Jae Jin faces a variety of challenges and romantic pursuits.

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Overview of Chapters 0-10

The first few chapters of Brawling Go introduce us to the main character, Jae Jin. We see how he acquires his ability to see women’s bodies naked and how he copes with this power. He then meets a girl named Mi Jin who becomes his love interest. The story also introduces us to other characters who will play important roles later on.

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As the story progresses, we see Jae Jin trying to control his power while also trying to win Mi Jin’s heart. He faces many obstacles along the way, including other men who are interested in Mi Jin and women who try to take advantage of his power.

Overview of Chapters 11-20

In the next set of chapters, we see Jae Jin and Mi Jin’s relationship grow stronger. They go on dates and spend time together. We also see other characters getting more screen time and their own personal stories begin to unfold.

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One of the most significant events in these chapters is when Jae Jin’s power stops working on Mi Jin. This leads to a lot of confusion and tension between the two of them. We also see more of Jae Jin’s backstory and how he ended up with his power.

Overview of Chapters 21-30

In the next set of chapters, we see Jae Jin’s power start to affect him in negative ways. He becomes more obsessed with seeing women naked and neglects his relationship with Mi Jin. This leads to problems between them and the introduction of a new love interest for Jae Jin.

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We also see other characters’ stories continue to unfold, including a group of women who are trying to learn how to fight and defend themselves. The story takes some dark turns, with more violence and sexual content.

Overview of Chapters 31-40

In the most recent set of chapters, we see a lot of new characters introduced. There are several new love interests for Jae Jin, each with their own personalities and stories. We also see a lot more action and fighting as the women’s self-defense group becomes more involved in the story.

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The story takes some unexpected turns, with some characters experiencing tragedy and others finding redemption. We are left with a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of loose ends that will hopefully be tied up in future chapters.


Brawling Go is a popular webtoon series that has gained a lot of fans over the years. Its unique premise and focus on adult themes have made it a standout among other webtoons. While it may not be for everyone, those who enjoy mature storytelling and romantic drama will find a lot to like in Brawling Go.

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