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The New York Times Crossword is a popular and challenging puzzle that has been entertaining and frustrating puzzle enthusiasts for decades. One of the most interesting aspects of the puzzle is the use of clever and punny clues that can be difficult to decipher. One of the more recent clues that has been causing a stir is “Cooks from the box,” which has appeared multiple times in the crossword.

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What does “Cooks from the Box” mean?

The clue “Cooks from the box” is a play on words that refers to cooking with pre-packaged or boxed ingredients. Essentially, the answer to the clue is a type of food or dish that can be made by using pre-packaged ingredients that come in a box.

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Some examples of foods that can be made by cooking from the box include macaroni and cheese, rice pilaf, and cake mix. These types of foods are often associated with convenience and ease of preparation, but they can also be viewed as less healthy or less desirable than foods made from scratch.

Why is “Cooks from the Box” Controversial?

Although the clue “Cooks from the box” may seem innocuous, it has sparked a debate among puzzle enthusiasts and foodies alike. Some people argue that the clue is unfair because it relies on a specific type of knowledge about pre-packaged foods that not everyone may possess. Others argue that the clue is perfectly fair and that it simply requires a bit of creative thinking to solve.

Another point of controversy is the notion that pre-packaged or boxed foods are somehow inferior to foods made from scratch. While it is true that many pre-packaged foods contain additives and preservatives that may not be desirable, there are also many high-quality and healthy options available. Additionally, cooking with pre-packaged ingredients can be a convenient and efficient way to prepare meals, especially for busy individuals or families.

How to Solve the “Cooks from the Box” Clue

If you are trying to solve the “Cooks from the box” clue in the New York Times Crossword, there are a few tips that may help. First, think about foods or dishes that are commonly made with pre-packaged ingredients. Some examples might include instant noodles, pancake mix, or canned soup.

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Another strategy is to look for other clues in the puzzle that may relate to the theme of cooking or food. For example, if there are clues related to spices or herbs, the answer to “Cooks from the box” may be a boxed mix for a specific type of cuisine, such as taco seasoning or curry powder.

Ultimately, solving the “Cooks from the box” clue may require a bit of trial and error and some creative thinking. But with perseverance and a love for puzzles and food, you may be able to crack the code and become a master of the New York Times Crossword.

The Final Verdict on “Cooks from the box”

While the “Cooks from the box” clue may be controversial among some crossword enthusiasts, it is just one of many challenging and entertaining clues that make the New York Times Crossword such a popular pastime. Whether you are a seasoned crossword solver or a newbie looking to sharpen your skills, the puzzle offers something for everyone. So grab a pen or pencil, fire up your brain, and get ready for some serious puzzling!

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