Overrated Classic Cars: These 15 classic cars are overrated

Overrated Classic Cars: These 15 classic cars are overrated

Do you also have classmates like that? He wore the coolest clothes, spat out the loudest voice, was well received by everyone – but on closer inspection, completely different characteristics were revealed. The man didn’t show up, couldn’t go, was drunk. In other words: totally overstated, the numbers.

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Even among the classics there is such a popular, but dangerous star. They’re not that bad (unlike the 12 worst classics), but they make an incredible ripple. If you really know them, you will be disappointed.

It’s really not the fault of these 15 rolling foam beaters: destiny has equipped them with dream bodies or other attractive attributes that only have to draw attention to themselves.

These 15 classics are totally overkill

The best example is the Fiat Nuovo 500, which brought Italy back on its feet after the Second World War: In the 1960s, the whole family, including the little ones, squeezed a cute Kuller ball with a rear dribbling engine. mobile phone.
15 Most Overrated Classics - Fiat 500 F

The Fiat 500 aims right at the kiddie scheme: cute and cuddly. But what he (can’t) do, you only realize later.

The technical details have not changed to this day. But in the environment: while most of our contemporaries have twice as much power, today traffic rushes around small cars with four to five times as much energy (and three times the fighting weight!). Anyone who wants to learn to be afraid dares to take 500 to the highway in the hills.

But he’s so cute – and explains the classic phenomenon at its best: They’re all blind because we fall in love with their image, by first impression. Everything is popular, nothing bad – but exaggerated here and there.

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15 of the most exaggerated classics

It’s definitely worth looking for alternatives. Of course, this is also reflected in the price: if you switch to a less popular model, you often save a lot.