Lubbock Man Dead in Park

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A man was found dead in a Lubbock park on Tuesday morning. The Lubbock Police Department is investigating the incident as a homicide. The victim was identified as 27-year-old Nathan Gatica.

The Discovery

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A passerby discovered Gatica’s body at around 7 a.m. in Arnett Benson Park, located in the 3200 block of Emory Street. The passerby called 911, and police arrived at the scene shortly after.


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The police department’s Crime Scene Investigation Unit was called to the park to collect evidence. The detectives have not yet released any information about possible suspects or motives.

The Victim

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Gatica was a resident of Lubbock and a father of two young children. According to his family, he worked as a mechanic and enjoyed spending time with his kids.

Community Response

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Gatica’s death has shocked and saddened the Lubbock community. A memorial has been set up at the park where his body was found, with flowers, candles, and photos. The community has also organized a fundraiser to support Gatica’s family.

Police Statement

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“We are working diligently to solve this case and bring justice for Nathan Gatica and his family,” said a spokesperson for the Lubbock Police Department. “We urge anyone with information about this incident to come forward.”


The investigation into Gatica’s death is ongoing, and the police department is asking anyone with information to contact Crime Line at 806-741-1000. The community continues to mourn the loss of a young man who was taken too soon.

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