Boulder Creek Shooting Last Night

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The Incident

Last night, tragedy struck in Boulder Creek, a small town located in California. A shooting occurred that left several people injured and others dead. The incident took place at approximately 9 pm, and it’s still unclear what exactly happened.

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Police Response

As soon as the police received the call, they immediately responded and arrived at the scene within minutes. They quickly assessed the situation and secured the area to prevent any further harm from occurring. The police have not yet released any information regarding the suspect or the motive behind the shooting.

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Emergency Services

Emergency services were called to the scene to attend to the injured. Several people were transported to the nearest hospital for medical attention. It’s still unclear how many people were injured or killed in the incident.

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Investigation Ongoing

At this time, the investigation is still ongoing, and the police are urging anyone with information to come forward. They have set up a hotline for people to call in and provide any information they may have regarding the incident.

Community Response

The community of Boulder Creek is in shock and mourning following the tragic events that unfolded last night. Many people have taken to social media to express their condolences and offer their support to the families affected by the shooting.

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The Impact

The impact of this shooting has been felt not only in the community of Boulder Creek but throughout the country. It’s yet another reminder of the senseless violence that plagues our society and the need for stricter gun laws to prevent these kinds of tragedies from happening again.


The shooting in Boulder Creek last night was a tragedy that has left many people shaken and mourning for the victims. As the investigation continues, we can only hope that the police will be able to find the person responsible and bring them to justice. In the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by this senseless act of violence.

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