Ghetto Gaggers Shorn Shawty: What You Need to Know

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Ghetto Gaggers is a pornographic website that specializes in extreme rough sex, featuring black women with titles like “Shorn Shawty”. The content has sparked controversy and outrage from many people who view it as degrading and racist. In this article, we will explore the history of Ghetto Gaggers and the impact it has had on the porn industry.

The Origins of Ghetto Gaggers

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Ghetto Gaggers was created in 2004 by Steven “Porn” Williams and Jake Malone, who were both involved in the porn industry. The website was initially intended to be a niche site that catered to the extreme rough sex fetish, but it quickly gained attention for its controversial content.

The Controversy Surrounding Ghetto Gaggers

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Ghetto Gaggers has received a lot of criticism for its content, particularly its treatment of black women. The website’s videos often feature degrading and abusive behavior towards the women, including slapping, choking, and spitting on them. Many people view this as racist and perpetuating harmful stereotypes about black women.

The Impact of Ghetto Gaggers on the Porn Industry

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Ghetto Gaggers has had a significant impact on the porn industry, particularly in the extreme rough sex niche. The website has inspired many copycat sites, as well as controversy and debate about the boundaries of free speech and pornography. Some people argue that Ghetto Gaggers falls under the umbrella of free speech, while others believe it promotes hate speech and should be banned.

Ghetto Gaggers and Consent

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One of the main criticisms of Ghetto Gaggers is that the women in the videos do not give their full consent to the activities being performed on them. Many people argue that the women are coerced or pressured into participating in the videos, and that their actions are not truly consensual. Others argue that the women willingly participate and are aware of what they are getting into.


Ghetto Gaggers is a controversial website that has sparked a lot of debate and controversy. While some people see it as a legitimate expression of free speech and pornography, others view it as perpetuating harmful stereotypes and promoting hate speech. Regardless of your stance on the website, it is important to consider the impact it has on the women involved and the larger porn industry as a whole.

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