Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland?

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Heartland is a Canadian drama television series that has been running for over a decade. The show has had numerous cast members come and go over the years, with one of the most notable departures being that of Mallory Wells. Played by Jessica Amlee, Mallory was a recurring character on the show for several seasons before abruptly leaving. This departure left many fans wondering why Mallory left Heartland. In this article, we will explore the reasons for Mallory’s departure from the show.

Mallory’s Character on Heartland

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Mallory Wells is a character in the Heartland series who is the best friend of Amy Fleming, the main character. Mallory is introduced in Season 3, and she quickly becomes a recurring character on the show. She is known for her outgoing personality and her love for animals. Mallory is also involved in a romantic relationship with Ty Borden, one of the main characters on the show.

Mallory’s Departure from Heartland

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Mallory’s departure from Heartland came as a surprise to many fans of the show. In Season 6, Mallory announces that she is leaving Hudson to attend fashion school in New York City. This news comes as a shock to her friends and family, especially Ty, who is devastated by her departure. Mallory’s departure from the show was not expected, and many fans were left wondering why Jessica Amlee, the actress who played Mallory, decided to leave the show.

Jessica Amlee’s Decision to Leave Heartland

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Jessica Amlee played Mallory Wells on Heartland for several seasons before deciding to leave the show. In interviews, Amlee has stated that she decided to leave the show to pursue other acting opportunities. She felt that it was time for her to move on and explore other roles in the entertainment industry.

Amlee’s departure from Heartland was not due to any conflicts with the show’s producers or other cast members. She has spoken highly of her time on the show and the relationships that she formed with the cast and crew.

Mallory’s Legacy on Heartland

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Although Mallory’s departure from Heartland was unexpected, her character remains an integral part of the show’s history. She played a significant role in the show’s early seasons, and her relationship with Ty was a fan-favorite storyline.

Mallory’s legacy on the show can also be seen in her impact on the other characters. Her departure left a void in the lives of her friends and family, and her absence was felt in subsequent seasons of the show.


In conclusion, Mallory’s departure from Heartland was a surprise to many fans of the show. However, it was a decision made by the actress who played her, Jessica Amlee, and was not due to any conflicts or issues with the show’s producers or cast members.

Mallory’s legacy on Heartland can still be seen in the impact that her character had on the other characters and the show’s history. Although she is no longer a part of the show, her contributions to Heartland will always be remembered by its fans.

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