Is Pattie Petty Still Alive?

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Pattie Petty, born as Elizabeth Pattie Owens, is the former wife of Richard Petty, a legendary NASCAR driver. She was born on March 29, 1952, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Pattie Petty is known for her involvement in charity work, including founding Victory Junction Camp, which provides camping facilities for chronically ill children.

There have been rumors circulating on the internet about Pattie Petty’s death. However, these rumors are false, and Pattie Petty is very much alive as of the date of this article’s writing, July 2021.

Early Life and Marriage

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Pattie Petty was born to parents, Anne and Tom Owens. She grew up in Nashville and graduated from Hume-Fogg High School. After high school, she attended Vanderbilt University and earned a degree in education.

Pattie met Richard Petty in 1958, and they started dating. In 1961, they got married, and the couple had four children together, Kyle Petty, Sharon Petty-Farlow, Lisa Petty-Luck, and Rebecca Petty-Moffit.

Richard Petty’s Racing Career and Pattie’s Involvement

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Richard Petty had a successful racing career, winning numerous awards and accolades. Pattie Petty was actively involved in her husband’s racing career and supported him throughout his career. During the early years of Richard’s career, Pattie Petty often accompanied him to the races and helped with the pit crews.

As Richard Petty’s career took off, Pattie Petty focused on raising their children and supporting Richard’s career from afar. However, she remained involved in the Petty family’s business, serving as the Vice President of Petty Enterprises in the 1980s.

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Victory Junction Camp

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In 2004, Pattie Petty founded Victory Junction Camp, a non-profit organization that provides camping facilities for children with chronic medical conditions. The camp was started in honor of their son Adam Petty, who died in a racing accident in 2000.

The camp is located in Randleman, North Carolina, and has served over 30,000 children since its inception. The camp is free for children and their families, and it provides a safe and fun environment for children with medical conditions to enjoy various activities and make new friends.

Pattie Petty’s Current Life

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Pattie Petty is currently living in North Carolina and focusing on her charity work. She is actively involved in Victory Junction Camp and serves as the camp’s treasurer.

Despite the rumors of her death, Pattie Petty is alive and well and continuing to make a positive impact on the lives of children.


In conclusion, Pattie Petty, the former wife of Richard Petty, is not dead, and the rumors surrounding her death are false. Pattie Petty is a remarkable woman who has made a significant impact on the lives of children through her charity work, particularly with Victory Junction Camp.

Despite facing tragedy in her personal life, Pattie Petty has remained resilient and continues to inspire others with her generosity and kindness.

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