Figure Skating Move Based on the Arabesque in Ballet

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Figure skating is a beautiful sport that combines athleticism, grace, and artistry. One of the most elegant moves in figure skating is the arabesque, which is a position commonly used in ballet. The arabesque requires a skater to lift one leg behind them while maintaining balance and control. This move has become a staple in figure skating and is used in numerous routines, both for men and women.

What is an Arabesque?

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The arabesque is a classical ballet move that requires a dancer to stand on one leg while lifting the other leg behind them. The lifted leg is extended straight while the upper body is held upright with the arms either by the dancer’s side or above their head in a graceful and fluid motion. The arabesque is used frequently in classical ballet and is considered a fundamental move.

How is the Arabesque Used in Figure Skating?

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The arabesque is a popular move in figure skating because it showcases a skater’s balance, flexibility, and grace. Skaters use the arabesque in both their short and long programs, as well as in exhibitions. The arabesque can be performed on one foot or as a jump, making it a versatile move that can be used in various ways in a routine.

Types of Arabesques in Figure Skating

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There are several types of arabesques used in figure skating, each with its own unique flair and challenge. One type is the one-legged arabesque, where the skater lifts their leg behind them while balancing on one foot. This requires strong core muscles and excellent balance. Another type is the flying arabesque, where the skater jumps and extends their leg behind them mid-air before landing on the opposite foot. This requires great height and control.

How to Perform an Arabesque in Figure Skating

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To perform an arabesque in figure skating, a skater must start by standing on one foot and lifting the opposite leg behind them. The lifted leg should be straight and extended as much as possible. The skater should keep their upper body straight and their arms in a graceful position. The arabesque should be held for as long as possible before smoothly transitioning into the next move.

Training for Arabesque in Figure Skating

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To perform a perfect arabesque in figure skating, a skater must have a combination of strength, flexibility, and balance. Skaters should start by working on their core strength, as this will help them maintain balance while performing an arabesque. They should also stretch regularly, especially their hamstrings, to increase their flexibility. Practicing the move regularly will help skaters perfect their technique and timing, making the arabesque a beautiful and effortless addition to their routine.


The arabesque is a beautiful move that adds grace and elegance to any figure skating routine. Skaters use this move in various ways, showcasing their balance, flexibility, and artistry. With practice and training, skaters can learn to perform the perfect arabesque, captivating audiences and judges alike.

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