Kemonokko Tsuushin Episode 2: A Review

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Kemonokko Tsuushin Episode 2 is an anime series that has recently gained popularity among fans of the genre. The series is a sequel to the first season, which was released in 2018. In this article, we will be reviewing the second episode of the series and discussing its plot, characters, and overall quality.

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The second episode of Kemonokko Tsuushin picks up where the first season left off. The story revolves around a young boy named Tatsuya and his encounters with various mythical creatures known as “Kemonokko.” In episode 2, Tatsuya meets a new Kemonokko, a fox girl named Ayaka, who is being chased by a group of hunters. Tatsuya decides to help Ayaka escape and learn more about her past.

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The characters in Kemonokko Tsuushin are diverse and interesting. Tatsuya is a kind and brave boy who always tries to help those in need. Ayaka, the new character introduced in episode 2, is a fox girl who is initially very wary of humans due to her past experiences. However, as she spends more time with Tatsuya, she begins to open up and trust him.

There are also several other Kemonokko characters introduced in the series, each with their own unique personalities and backstories. The hunters who are after Ayaka add a sense of danger and tension to the story, making it more exciting to watch.

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The animation in Kemonokko Tsuushin is top-notch, with beautiful and detailed character designs and backgrounds. The movements of the characters are fluid and natural, making the action scenes exciting and engaging to watch. The use of color and lighting also adds to the overall aesthetic of the series, making it visually stunning.

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The sound design in Kemonokko Tsuushin is also well-done. The voice actors bring the characters to life with their performances, and the music adds to the overall mood of the series. The opening and ending themes are catchy and memorable, adding to the overall enjoyment of the show.

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Overall Quality

Overall, Kemonokko Tsuushin Episode 2 is a great addition to the series. The plot is engaging, the characters are likable and well-developed, the animation is stunning, and the sound design is top-notch. Fans of the first season will definitely enjoy this episode, and newcomers to the series will find it easy to follow and engaging.

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Kemonokko Tsuushin Episode 2 is a must-watch for fans of anime and fantasy. The series has something for everyone, from engaging characters to stunning animation and sound design. If you haven’t watched the first season yet, be sure to check it out before diving into episode 2. Overall, we highly recommend Kemonokko Tsuushin Episode 2 and can’t wait to see what the rest of the series has in store.

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