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A crossword is a word puzzle that involves arranging words in a grid. The objective of the puzzle is to fill every white square with a letter, creating words that intersect with each other. Crossword puzzles are popular worldwide, and many people enjoy solving them for entertainment or mental stimulation.

What is a Motivator?

A motivator is a person or thing that provides motivation or inspiration. In the context of crossword puzzles, a motivator is a clue that provides a hint or suggestion to solve a particular word or phrase. The clue may be a synonym, antonym, or related term that helps the solver to fill in the blank squares in the grid.

What is a Literally Crossword Clue?

A literally crossword clue is a type of clue that involves taking a word or phrase literally or at face value. For example, if the clue is “stand for the anthem,” the answer may be “stand.” This type of clue is often used in cryptic crossword puzzles, which require the solver to think outside of the box and use wordplay to decipher the answer.

How to Solve a Motivator Literally Crossword Clue

Solving a motivator literally crossword clue requires some creativity and critical thinking. Here are some tips to help you solve these types of clues:

  • Read the clue carefully and try to understand what it is asking for
  • Think about the possible meanings of the words used in the clue
  • Consider any wordplay or puns that may be involved
  • Look for any other clues or hints in the surrounding squares
  • Try different words or phrases until you find one that fits the clue and the intersecting squares

Examples of Motivator Literally Crossword Clues

Here are some examples of motivator literally crossword clues:

  1. “Brewed beverage” (answer: tea)
  2. Brewed Beverage Crossword ClueSource: bing.com

  3. “Make more compact” (answer: compress)
  4. Make More Compact Crossword ClueSource: bing.com

  5. “Lightest gas” (answer: helium)
  6. Lightest Gas Crossword ClueSource: bing.com

Benefits of Solving Motivator Literally Crossword Clues

Solving crossword puzzles, including motivator literally crossword clues, offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Increasing mental agility and flexibility
  • Enhancing vocabulary and word knowledge
  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Reducing stress and promoting relaxation
  • Providing a fun and engaging activity for individuals or groups


Whether you are an experienced crossword solver or just starting out, motivator literally crossword clues offer a unique challenge that can help to improve your mental agility and problem-solving abilities. With some practice and creativity, you can become a master at solving these types of clues and enjoy the many benefits that come with solving crossword puzzles.

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