Where does Aj’s Dad Find Aj’s Phone?

Where does Aj’s Dad Find Aj’s Phone?Source: bing.com


Aj is a young boy who loves to play games on his phone. He spends hours glued to the screen, and often misplaces his phone around the house. One day, he lost his phone and couldn’t find it anywhere. His dad came to the rescue and found the phone in an unexpected place. Read on to find out where Aj’s dad found his phone.

Search Begins

Aj’s dad noticed that Aj was frantically searching for his phone. He asked Aj about the last place he had seen it and started looking in all the usual spots, like under the bed, in the bathroom, and on the couch. But the phone was nowhere to be found.

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In the Kitchen

After searching for hours, Aj’s dad took a break and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. While he was waiting for the kettle to boil, he noticed a strange noise coming from the fridge. He opened the door and found Aj’s phone inside the vegetable drawer. Aj had been looking for his phone everywhere except the fridge!

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Under the Sofa

A few days later, Aj lost his phone again. This time, his dad had a hunch that it might be under the sofa. He lifted the cushions and sure enough, there it was! Aj must have dropped it while playing games on the sofa and not realized it.

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In the Laundry

Another time, Aj lost his phone after doing laundry. His dad checked the pockets of his clothes and found the phone in a pair of pants. Aj had forgotten to take it out before putting the pants in the wash.

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On the Bookshelf

One day, Aj went to the library and came back without his phone. His dad knew that he always took his phone with him to the library, so he searched the bookshelf and found it tucked between two books.

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The Lesson Learned

After losing his phone multiple times and having his dad find it in unexpected places, Aj learned to be more careful with his phone. He now makes sure to keep it in a safe place and not misplace it.


In conclusion, Aj’s dad found Aj’s phone in various places around the house. From the fridge to the bookshelf, it was always in a place Aj didn’t expect. The lesson learned from this experience is to always be careful with valuable items and keep them in a safe place. Hopefully, the next time Aj misplaces his phone, he will be able to find it quickly without the help of his dad.

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