Alien Bunny by Jollyjack

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What is Alien Bunny?

Alien Bunny is a character created by popular internet artist Jollyjack. It is a bunny-like creature with an extraterrestrial appearance, complete with a single large eye and tentacle-like ears. The character has become very popular among fans of Jollyjack and has even ventured into merchandise and other forms of media.

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The Origin of Alien Bunny

According to Jollyjack, Alien Bunny was originally created as a concept for a potential video game. However, the character’s unique appearance caught the attention of fans and the character quickly gained a following. Jollyjack continued to draw and develop the character, showcasing it in various scenarios and situations.

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Alien Bunny Merchandise

As Alien Bunny’s popularity continued to grow, Jollyjack began to create merchandise featuring the character. This included t-shirts, stickers, and even plushies. Fans of the character were thrilled to have physical representations of their favorite character and the merchandise quickly became very popular.

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Alien Bunny in Pop Culture

Alien Bunny has become a notable character in internet pop culture, with many artists creating their own interpretations of the character. The character has even made appearances in other media, such as video games and webcomics.

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Jollyjack’s Other Characters

Jollyjack is known for creating a wide range of characters, each with their own unique design and personality. Some of his other popular characters include the vampire hunter, Blade Bunny, and the superhero, Power Girl. Fans of Alien Bunny often enjoy exploring Jollyjack’s other works and discovering new characters to love.

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Alien Bunny by Jollyjack is a beloved character in internet pop culture. Its unique appearance and charm have captured the hearts of fans all over the world. Jollyjack’s creativity and talent continue to bring joy to fans through his various works, including his other popular characters.

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