Joe Milton Throwing an Orange Like a Pro

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Have you ever tried throwing an orange? It’s not as easy as it sounds. But Joe Milton, the quarterback for the University of Tennessee, can throw an orange like a pro. In fact, he can throw a football even better.

Who is Joe Milton?

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Joe Milton is a rising star in the world of college football. He was born on November 10, 1999, in Pahokee, Florida. He played high school football at Olympia High School in Orlando, Florida, where he was a four-star recruit and one of the top-ranked quarterbacks in the nation.

Joe Milton’s Football Career

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After graduating from high school, Joe Milton committed to play football at the University of Michigan. He redshirted his freshman year and only played in a few games in his sophomore year.

However, in his junior year, Milton transferred to the University of Tennessee, where he became the starting quarterback for the Volunteers. He has since become a fan favorite and is known for his strong arm and accurate throws.

Joe Milton’s Orange Throwing Skills

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While Joe Milton’s football skills are impressive, so are his orange throwing skills. In a video posted on social media, Milton can be seen throwing an orange over 50 yards with incredible accuracy. It’s no wonder he can throw a football with such ease.

But why would anyone practice throwing an orange? According to Milton, it’s all about improving his hand-eye coordination and strengthening his arm muscles. The citrus fruit is a perfect size and weight for practicing throwing.

Joe Milton’s Training Regimen

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Joe Milton’s success on the football field is not just because of his natural talent. He also puts in a lot of hard work and dedication to his training regimen.

He works out six days a week, focusing on strength training, conditioning, and agility drills. He also spends time studying film and working on his footwork and accuracy. And of course, he practices throwing oranges.

Joe Milton’s Future in Football

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With his impressive football skills and dedication to training, Joe Milton has a bright future in the sport. He has already caught the attention of NFL scouts and could potentially be a high draft pick in the future.

But for now, he is focused on leading the University of Tennessee to victory and continuing to improve his game. And who knows, maybe he’ll even break a few more orange throwing records along the way.

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