Paul Charchian Rankings 2022

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Paul Charchian is a well-known name in the fantasy football world. He is the founder of Fanball.com and has been a part of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame since 2015. Every year, he releases his rankings for the upcoming fantasy football season, and fans eagerly await his insights and analysis.

The Importance of Rankings

Rankings are a crucial part of fantasy football preparation. They help you determine which players to target in your draft and which players to avoid. Having reliable rankings can make the difference between a winning and losing season.

The Methodology Behind Charchian’s Rankings

Methodology Behind Charchian'S RankingsSource: bing.com

Charchian’s rankings are based on a combination of factors, including past performance, projected performance, strength of schedule, and injury history. He also takes into account team situations and coaching changes.

Quarterback Rankings

Quarterback RankingsSource: bing.com

Charchian’s top quarterback for the 2022 season is Patrick Mahomes, followed closely by Josh Allen and Kyler Murray. He also has high rankings for Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson.

Running Back Rankings

Running Back RankingsSource: bing.com

Charchian’s top running back for the 2022 season is Christian McCaffrey, followed by Dalvin Cook and Derrick Henry. He also has high rankings for Alvin Kamara and Jonathan Taylor.

Wide Receiver Rankings

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Charchian’s top wide receiver for the 2022 season is Davante Adams, followed by Tyreek Hill and Stefon Diggs. He also has high rankings for DeAndre Hopkins and Justin Jefferson.

Tight End Rankings

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Charchian’s top tight end for the 2022 season is Travis Kelce, followed by George Kittle and Darren Waller. He also has high rankings for Mark Andrews and Kyle Pitts.

Defense/Special Teams Rankings

Defense/Special Teams RankingsSource: bing.com

Charchian’s top defense/special teams for the 2022 season is the Los Angeles Rams, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers. He also has high rankings for the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills.

Kicker Rankings

Kicker RankingsSource: bing.com

Charchian’s top kicker for the 2022 season is Justin Tucker, followed by Harrison Butker and Greg Zuerlein. He also has high rankings for Robbie Gould and Jason Myers.

Surprises and Sleepers

Surprises And SleepersSource: bing.com

Charchian’s rankings also include some surprises and sleepers. He has high rankings for players like Javonte Williams, Michael Carter, and Rondale Moore, who he believes will outperform their average draft position.


Paul Charchian’s rankings are a valuable resource for fantasy football players. His expertise and analysis can help you make informed decisions during your draft and throughout the season. Keep his rankings in mind as you prepare for the 2022 season.

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