2010 Ford Focus Tire Size

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The 2010 Ford Focus is a compact car that was first introduced in North America in 2000. It has been a popular choice for drivers who want a reliable, affordable vehicle that is fun to drive. One important aspect of owning a car is finding the correct tire size. In this article, we will discuss the tire size options available for the 2010 Ford Focus.

Stock Tire Size

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The stock tire size for the 2010 Ford Focus varies depending on the trim level. The base S trim comes with 15-inch wheels and P195/60R15 tires. The SE and SES trims come with 16-inch wheels and P205/50R16 tires. The sporty SEL trim comes with 17-inch wheels and P215/45R17 tires.

Plus Sizing

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If you want to upgrade your tire size for your 2010 Ford Focus, you can consider plus sizing. Plus sizing involves increasing the diameter of the wheel and tire combination while maintaining the same overall diameter. This can improve the vehicle’s handling and appearance.

For example, you can upgrade from the stock 15-inch wheels to 16-inch wheels with P205/50R16 tires on the S trim. This will maintain the same overall diameter and speedometer accuracy while providing a wider tire and better handling.

Winter Tires

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If you live in an area with harsh winter weather, you may want to consider winter tires for your 2010 Ford Focus. Winter tires are designed to provide better traction and handling in snowy and icy conditions.

The recommended winter tire size for the 2010 Ford Focus is P195/60R15. You can also consider plus sizing to 16-inch or 17-inch wheels for better performance.


Finding the correct tire size for your 2010 Ford Focus is important for safety and performance. The stock tire sizes for the S, SE, SES, and SEL trims are P195/60R15, P205/50R16, P205/50R16, and P215/45R17, respectively. Plus sizing can improve handling and appearance, while winter tires provide better traction in harsh weather conditions.

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