Gabe Davis or Tyler Lockett: Who’s the Better NFL Wide Receiver?

Gabe Davis or Tyler Lockett: Who’s the Better NFL Wide Receiver?Source: bing.com

When it comes to NFL wide receivers, there are many talented players out there. Two of the most talked-about receivers in recent years are Gabe Davis and Tyler Lockett. But which one is the better player? In this article, we’ll take a look at both players’ stats and accomplishments to determine who comes out on top.

Gabe Davis

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Gabriel Davis, also known as Gabe Davis, is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. He was born on April 1, 1999, in Sanford, Florida, and attended the University of Central Florida. Davis was a fourth-round pick for the Buffalo Bills in the 2020 NFL draft.

Davis had an impressive rookie season, catching 35 passes for 599 yards and seven touchdowns. He played in all 16 regular-season games and started in 11 of them. Davis also had a strong postseason, catching four passes for 85 yards and two touchdowns in the Bills’ playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.

One of the things that sets Davis apart from other receivers is his ability to catch contested passes. He has a great vertical jump and is able to outmuscle defenders for the ball. Davis is also known for his route-running abilities and his speed, making him a threat on deep passes.

Tyler Lockett

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Tyler Lockett is a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. He was born on September 28, 1992, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and attended Kansas State University. Lockett was a third-round pick for the Seattle Seahawks in the 2015 NFL draft.

Lockett has been a consistent player for the Seahawks throughout his career. In the 2020 season, he caught 100 passes for 1,054 yards and 10 touchdowns. Lockett has also been selected to the Pro Bowl twice in his career and has been named a Second-Team All-Pro once.

Lockett is known for his versatility as a receiver. He can play both on the outside and in the slot, and is a threat on both short and deep passes. Lockett is also an excellent return specialist, having returned both kickoffs and punts for touchdowns throughout his career.

Comparing Stats

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When it comes to comparing Gabe Davis and Tyler Lockett, it’s important to look at their stats. Here’s a breakdown of how they compare:

  • Gabe Davis: 35 receptions, 599 yards, 7 touchdowns
  • Tyler Lockett: 100 receptions, 1,054 yards, 10 touchdowns

As you can see, Tyler Lockett has more than double the number of receptions as Gabe Davis, as well as more yards and touchdowns. However, it’s important to note that Lockett has been in the league for longer than Davis and has had more opportunities to rack up these stats.

Awards and Accomplishments

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Another way to determine who the better player is to look at their awards and accomplishments. Here’s a breakdown of what each player has achieved:

  • Gabe Davis: No awards or accolades yet
  • Tyler Lockett: 2x Pro Bowl selection, 1x Second-Team All-Pro selection

As you can see, Tyler Lockett has already achieved more in his career than Gabe Davis has so far. However, it’s worth noting that Davis is still early in his career and has the potential to achieve great things in the future.


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So, who’s the better NFL wide receiver: Gabe Davis or Tyler Lockett? At this point in time, it’s hard to say for sure. Tyler Lockett has more experience and has already achieved more in his career, but Gabe Davis has shown a lot of promise in his rookie season and has the potential to become a great player in the future.

Ultimately, the answer to this question will depend on how each player performs in the coming years. But one thing’s for sure: both Gabe Davis and Tyler Lockett are incredibly talented players who have bright futures ahead of them.

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