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Andrew Garfield is a talented actor known for his roles in movies such as The Social Network, Hacksaw Ridge, and The Amazing Spider-Man. However, there is something about him that adds to his charm – his glasses. Garfield has been spotted wearing glasses on and off screen and they have become a part of his signature look. In this article, we will take a closer look at Andrew Garfield with glasses.

Early Life

Andrew Garfield was born on August 20, 1983, in Los Angeles, California. His mother was a teaching assistant while his father was a head coach of the swimming team at a local university. Garfield grew up in Surrey, England, where he attended the City of London Freemen’s School. It was during his time in school that he started wearing glasses to correct his near-sightedness.

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Early Career

Garfield started his career in the entertainment industry in 2004 when he landed a role in the British television show, Sugar Rush. He then appeared in a few more British television shows and movies before getting his big break in the United States. It was in 2010 that he was cast as the lead in The Social Network, a movie that went on to win multiple awards.


Garfield’s most iconic role to date has been that of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man series. In both movies, Garfield can be seen wearing glasses as Peter Parker. The glasses add to his character’s nerdy and intelligent persona.

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Off-Screen Style

Garfield’s glasses are not just limited to his on-screen roles. He has been spotted wearing glasses at various events and award ceremonies. His off-screen style is effortless and chic, and his glasses only add to his charm.

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Fashion Icon

Andrew Garfield has become somewhat of a fashion icon in recent years. His style is often talked about and admired by fashion enthusiasts. His glasses are a part of his signature look and have become a style statement of sorts.


Andrew Garfield with glasses is a sight to behold. His nerdy and intelligent persona, coupled with his effortless off-screen style, make him a fashion icon. Garfield has proved time and time again that glasses can be just as stylish as any other fashion accessory. We can’t wait to see what other roles Andrew Garfield takes on and the glasses that come with them.

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