Tracer Tickled in D.Va’s Arcade

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Overwatch is a popular first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game features unique characters with special abilities, and one of the most beloved characters is Tracer.

The game also has a storyline, and one of the plot points involves Tracer visiting D.Va’s arcade. This scene has become popular among fans for its comedic relief and the interaction between the two characters.

Tracer and D.Va’s Arcade Scene

In the scene, Tracer visits D.Va’s arcade, and D.Va challenges her to a game of whack-a-mole. Tracer, being the competitive person she is, accepts the challenge and begins to play. However, D.Va uses her powers to tickle Tracer, causing her to lose the game and fall off the machine.

Overwatch Tracer And D.Va TickledSource: bing.com

The scene is a favorite among fans because it shows the more playful side of the characters. Tracer is known for her spunky attitude, and D.Va is known for her love of video games. Together, they create a memorable moment that fans love to revisit.

The Impact on the Community

The Tracer and D.Va arcade scene has become so popular that it has inspired fan art, memes, and even cosplay. Fans love to recreate the moment, whether it’s through a drawing, a funny caption, or a costume.

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The scene has also brought attention to the relationship between Tracer and D.Va. While the game doesn’t explicitly state their relationship, the scene shows a playful and friendly dynamic that has led some fans to think that they might be more than just friends.


The Tracer and D.Va arcade scene is a memorable moment in Overwatch’s storyline. It showcases the playful and fun side of the characters and has become a favorite among fans. The scene has also had a significant impact on the community, inspiring fan art, memes, and cosplay, and bringing attention to the relationship between Tracer and D.Va.

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