Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting: A Comprehensive Guide

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Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting is a magnificent piece of armor in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. This equipment is specially designed for casters, providing them with the necessary stats to maximize their magical abilities. In this article, we will delve into the details of Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting, including its history, how to acquire it, and how to upgrade it.

History of Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting

Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting was first introduced in the game during the Heavensward expansion. It was a part of the Alexander: Midas raid, one of the most challenging raids in the game at that time. The chestwrap is named after Thaliak, the god of rivers and commerce in the Final Fantasy XIV universe.


Stats and Benefits

Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting is a BiS (Best in Slot) armor for casters. It provides a variety of stats that are essential for maximizing a caster’s potential. The primary stats it offers are Intelligence and Critical Hit. The chestwrap also provides a high amount of Spell Speed, which is crucial for reducing the global cooldown of a caster’s spells.Moreover, Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting has two unique features that make it stand out from other armor pieces. Firstly, it increases the potency of critical hits by 10%. Secondly, it has a passive effect called “Perpetuation Cost -5%”, which reduces the MP cost of certain spells by 5%.

How to Acquire Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting

Acquiring Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting requires some effort and dedication. It is obtained by clearing the fourth floor of the Alexander: Midas raid, also known as “The Arm of the Father”. The raid consists of four phases, and each phase has its own mechanics and challenges that need to be overcome. Once the raid is cleared, players will have a chance to roll for the chestwrap, provided they have enough tokens.

Upgrading Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting

Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting can be upgraded through a process called “Augmentation”. Augmenting the chestwrap increases its item level, which in turn boosts its stats. To augment the chestwrap, players need to obtain an item called “Midas Totem”. Midas Totems can be obtained by clearing the weekly Alexander: Midas raid, or by purchasing them with tokens.

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In conclusion, Thaliak’s Chestwrap of Casting is a highly sought-after equipment for casters in Final Fantasy XIV. Its unique stats and effects make it a BiS for casters, and acquiring it requires dedication and effort. Nevertheless, it is a worthy investment for anyone who wants to maximize their potential as a caster in the game.

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