Super Paper Mario Rom – A Classic Adventure Game

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Released in 2007, Super Paper Mario Rom is a classic action-adventure game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It is the third installment in the Paper Mario series and the first to be released on the Wii platform.

The Storyline

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The game follows the story of Mario, who must save the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil Count Bleck and his minions. Count Bleck has kidnapped Princess Peach and plans to use an ancient book called the Dark Prognosticus to destroy the universe.

To stop Count Bleck, Mario must team up with his old foe Bowser and a new character named Tippi. Together, they venture through various dimensions to collect the Pure Hearts, powerful artifacts that can stop the Dark Prognosticus.

The Gameplay

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Super Paper Mario Rom is known for its unique gameplay style, which blends traditional platforming with RPG elements. Players can switch between 2D and 3D perspectives to explore levels and solve puzzles.

The game also features a variety of characters, each with their own abilities and strengths. Mario can jump high and use his hammer to attack enemies, while Bowser can breathe fire and break through obstacles.

The Graphics

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One of the standout features of Super Paper Mario Rom is its unique art style. The game’s graphics are designed to look like paper cutouts, giving it a charming and whimsical feel.

The use of bright colors and detailed textures also adds to the game’s overall aesthetic. The environments are full of hidden secrets and Easter eggs, encouraging players to explore and discover new things.

The Soundtrack

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The music in Super Paper Mario Rom is another highlight of the game. The soundtrack was composed by Naoko Mitome and Chika Sekigawa, and features a mix of catchy tunes and atmospheric soundscapes.

The music changes depending on the level and situation, adding to the immersion and overall experience of the game.

The Reception

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Super Paper Mario Rom received generally positive reviews from critics and players alike. It was praised for its unique gameplay, charming art style, and engaging storyline.

The game also sold well, with over 2 million copies sold worldwide as of 2021. It has since become a cult classic among Nintendo fans and is still enjoyed by players of all ages.


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For those who want to experience Super Paper Mario Rom on their computer or other devices, there are ROMs available online. A ROM is a digital copy of a video game that can be played on an emulator.

Emulators are software programs that allow you to run games on a platform other than the one they were originally designed for. There are many different emulators available for different platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Android.

The Verdict

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Super Paper Mario Rom is a classic game that still holds up today. Its unique mix of platforming and RPG elements, along with its charming art style and engaging storyline, make it a must-play for Nintendo fans and gamers in general.

And with ROMs and emulators available online, it’s easier than ever to experience this classic game on your own terms.

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