Sims 4 Child Slider: A Guide to Customizing Your Sims’ Children

For Sims 4 players who want to personalize their gaming experience, the Child Slider feature is a must-try. This tool allows you to adjust the height, weight, and muscle of child Sims, making it easier to create unique characters. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use the Sims 4 Child Slider, its benefits, and some tips on creating a custom child Sim that fits your style!

What is Sims 4 Child Slider?

The Sims 4 Child Slider is a tool that allows players to customize their child Sims. This feature is available in the Create-A-Sim mode, where you can adjust the height, weight, and muscle of your child Sim by sliding the corresponding bars. The child Sim will grow up with these attributes, so it’s essential to plan accordingly.

Using the Child Slider tool is easy. Simply select the child Sim you want to customize in Create-A-Sim mode and navigate to the “Body” section. Here, you’ll see three different bars that correspond to height, weight, and muscle. Slide these bars to your desired settings, and your child Sim will update in real-time!

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Benefits of Using the Sims 4 Child Slider

There are several benefits to using the Sims 4 Child Slider. Firstly, it allows you to create unique child Sims that stand out from the default game settings. With the ability to adjust height, weight, and muscle, you can tailor your child Sim to fit your desired aesthetic.

Another benefit of using the Child Slider is that it allows for greater diversity in your Sims’ appearances. While the base game provides some options for customization, the Child Slider tool expands on these and lets you create a wider range of characters.

Lastly, the Child Slider is a fun and interactive tool that can add to your overall gaming experience. By experimenting with different settings, you can create child Sims that are unlike any other and truly reflect your personality and style.

Tips for Creating Custom Child Sims

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating custom child Sims:

  • Consider the child’s personality and backstory. Are they athletic, artistic, or studious? Adjusting their physical attributes to match their personality can add depth and realism to your Sim.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different settings. The Child Slider tool allows for a wide range of customization, so don’t feel limited by traditional settings. Try something new and see what works!
  • Consider the child’s age. As the child grows up, their physical attributes will change accordingly. Make sure to plan ahead and adjust their attributes accordingly.
  • Remember that the Child Slider tool is just one aspect of creating a Sim. Don’t forget to customize their clothing, accessories, and traits to create a fully-realized character.


The Sims 4 Child Slider is a valuable tool for players looking to personalize their gaming experience. By allowing you to adjust the height, weight, and muscle of your child Sims, you can create unique characters that stand out from the crowd. Remember to keep in mind the tips provided above and experiment with different settings to create the perfect custom child Sim for your game!

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