Discover the 1996 Sea Doo XP: A Powerhouse of Fun on the Water

The 1996 Sea Doo XP was a watercraft that brought a new level of excitement to water sports enthusiasts during the 90s. It offered great speed and maneuverability, giving riders the chance to experience an unforgettable ride on the water. Let’s dive deeper into this iconic watercraft’s design and features.


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The Sea Doo XP was designed to be sleek and stylish. It had a low profile, and its sharp lines gave it a sporty look. The watercraft was available in four colors – red, purple, green, and yellow – so riders could choose the one that suited their style.

The XP also featured an ergonomic handlebar that was designed to provide a comfortable grip for riders. This, combined with its low profile, made it easy for riders to maneuver the watercraft in different directions.


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The 1996 Sea Doo XP was equipped with a 782cc, two-stroke engine that delivered a powerful performance. This engine was capable of reaching up to 60 mph, making it one of the fastest watercraft of its time.

The XP also featured a dual carburetor system that allowed for more precise fuel delivery, resulting in better acceleration and smoother operation. These features made the XP a popular choice among water sports enthusiasts who wanted a watercraft with high performance capabilities.

Rider Features

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The XP was designed with the rider in mind, and it featured a number of features that provided riders with a comfortable and enjoyable ride. It had a padded seat that could accommodate up to two riders, and a handlebar grip that was adjustable to suit different riding positions.

The XP also had a built-in storage compartment that allowed riders to store their personal belongings while out on the water. This, combined with its fuel-efficient engine, made it a practical choice for long rides on the water.


The 1996 Sea Doo XP was a watercraft that provided an unforgettable experience for water sports enthusiasts in the 90s. Its sleek design, powerful engine, and rider-friendly features made it a popular choice among riders who wanted a watercraft that delivered high performance and reliability.

While the XP is no longer in production, its legacy lives on, and it remains a beloved watercraft for many water sports enthusiasts around the world.

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