Is Kali Uchis Trans?

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Kali Uchis is a Colombian-American singer, songwriter, and record producer known for her soulful, eclectic sound and unique fashion sense. With her rising popularity, many fans have become curious about her personal life, including her gender identity. One question that has been circulating on social media and online forums is whether or not Kali Uchis is trans.

Who is Kali Uchis?

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Kali Uchis was born Karly Loaiza in Alexandria, Virginia, in 1994. Her parents are Colombian immigrants, and she spent her childhood split between Colombia and the United States. She began making music as a teenager and released her first mixtape, “Drunken Babble,” in 2012. Since then, she has become a rising star in the music industry, known for her unique blend of soul, R&B, and Latin music.

Is Kali Uchis Transgender?

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Despite rumors and speculation online, there is no evidence to suggest that Kali Uchis is transgender. In fact, she has never publicly addressed her gender identity, and it is not our place to assume or speculate about it. It is important to respect her privacy and allow her to define her own identity on her own terms.

Kali Uchis’ Fashion Sense

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Kali Uchis is known for her unique fashion sense, which often incorporates bold colors, prints, and vintage-inspired pieces. Her style is often described as “retro-futuristic” and has been influenced by a range of cultural references, from Cher to Selena Quintanilla. While her fashion choices may be unconventional, they do not necessarily indicate anything about her gender identity.

Transphobia in the Music Industry

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While it is important not to speculate about Kali Uchis’ gender identity without evidence, it is important to acknowledge the prevalence of transphobia in the music industry and beyond. Transgender people face higher rates of discrimination, violence, and harassment than their cisgender counterparts, and it is crucial that we work to create a more inclusive and accepting society.


In conclusion, there is no evidence to suggest that Kali Uchis is transgender, and it is important to respect her privacy and allow her to define her own identity. While her fashion choices and unique personality may draw attention, it is not our place to speculate about her personal life. Instead, we should focus on promoting acceptance and inclusivity for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity.

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