Minimoog Model D 2018 Presets: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Minimoog Model D is a legendary analog synthesizer that has been used in countless classic recordings since its introduction in 1970. In 2018, Moog Music reissued the Model D, bringing this iconic instrument back to life for a new generation of musicians.

What Are Presets?

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Presets are pre-programmed settings that allow you to quickly access different sounds on your synthesizer. Instead of having to manually adjust all of the controls to get the sound you want, you can simply select a preset and start playing.

Minimoog Model D 2018 Presets

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The Minimoog Model D 2018 comes with 64 presets that showcase the instrument’s versatility and range. These presets cover a wide range of sounds, from classic analog basses and leads to experimental textures and effects.

Using Presets

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Using presets on the Minimoog Model D 2018 is easy. Simply select the preset you want to use from the list, and the instrument will automatically adjust all of the controls to match that sound.

Of course, you can always tweak the sound further if you want to make it your own. Each preset is fully editable, so you can adjust the settings to your liking and save your own custom presets for later use.

Presets vs. Programming

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While presets are a great way to quickly access different sounds on your Minimoog Model D 2018, programming your own patches is where the real fun begins. With the Model D’s intuitive interface, you can easily create your own unique sounds by adjusting the various knobs and switches.

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Programming your own patches can be a bit more time-consuming than using presets, but the results are often more rewarding. By experimenting with different settings, you can create sounds that are truly your own.

Presets for Inspiration


Even if you prefer programming your own patches, presets can still be a great source of inspiration. By playing around with different presets and analyzing how they are constructed, you can learn a lot about sound design and synthesis.

Additionally, presets can be a great starting point for your own patches. By starting with a preset that is close to the sound you want and tweaking it to your liking, you can save time and get to your desired sound more quickly.


The Minimoog Model D 2018 presets offer a wide range of sounds that showcase the instrument’s versatility and range. Whether you prefer using presets or programming your own patches, the Model D is an incredible instrument that is sure to inspire you.

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