Reins of the Azure Drake: How to Obtain this Epic Mount

Reins of the Azure Drake: How to Obtain this Epic MountSource: bing.com

Do you dream of soaring across the skies on a majestic dragon mount? Look no further than the Reins of the Azure Drake, a coveted drop from the Eye of Eternity raid in World of Warcraft. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to obtain this epic mount.

What is the Azure Drake?

The Azure Drake is a stunning dragon mount with a blue and gold color scheme. It is one of the rarest and most sought-after mounts in World of Warcraft. The Azure Drake is a drop from Malygos, the final boss of the Eye of Eternity raid in Northrend.

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How to Access the Eye of Eternity

The Eye of Eternity raid is located in the Nexus, a zone in Northrend accessible via a portal in the center of Dalaran. To enter the raid, you must have completed the prerequisite quest chain that starts with “The Nexus Vault” quest in Coldarra, a subzone of the Borean Tundra.

How to Defeat Malygos

Malygos is a challenging boss fight that requires coordination and skill from your raid team. The encounter consists of three phases, each with its own mechanics and abilities. Some helpful tips for defeating Malygos include:

  • Assign specific roles to each member of your raid team, such as tanking, healing, and DPS.
  • Use crowd control abilities to manage the adds that spawn during the fight.
  • Coordinate your movement to avoid Malygos’ breath attacks and other abilities.
  • Communicate effectively using voice chat or in-game macros.

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Drop Chance for the Reins of the Azure Drake

The Reins of the Azure Drake has a drop chance of approximately 1% from Malygos. This means that you may need to run the Eye of Eternity raid multiple times before the mount drops for you. However, the mount is not on a weekly lockout, so you can run the raid as many times as you like in a single week.

Other Ways to Obtain the Azure Drake Mount

If you’re not able to get lucky with the drop from Malygos, there are a couple of other ways to obtain the Azure Drake mount:

  • Purchase it from the Black Market Auction House: The Azure Drake occasionally appears on the Black Market Auction House, a special auction house where rare and unique items are sold to the highest bidder. Keep an eye on the Auction House to see if the mount becomes available.
  • Obtain it from a friend or guildmate: If you have friends or guildmates who have already obtained the Azure Drake, they may be willing to run the Eye of Eternity raid with you and trade you the mount if it drops.


The Reins of the Azure Drake is a beautiful and highly coveted mount that will turn heads wherever you go in World of Warcraft. While it may take some time and effort to obtain, the satisfaction of finally acquiring this epic mount is well worth it. Best of luck, adventurer!

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