What Peep Song Am I?

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Are you a fan of the late rapper Lil Peep? Have you ever wondered which of his songs truly represents you? In this article, we will dive into the emotional and relatable lyrics of Lil Peep and help you discover what peep song you are.

What is Lil Peep?

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Lil Peep, born Gustav Åhr, was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was known for his unique blend of emo and rap music, often discussing topics such as drug use, relationships, and mental health. His music touched the hearts of many and has continued to gain popularity even after his untimely death in 2017.

What Makes Lil Peep’s Music So Special?

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Lil Peep’s music is often described as emotional and raw. He was not afraid to express his vulnerabilities and personal struggles through his lyrics, making it easy for listeners to relate to his music. His music often resonates with people who have experienced heartbreak, addiction, or mental health issues.

How to Determine What Peep Song You Are?

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To determine what peep song you are, we will go through a series of questions that will help you identify with the themes and emotions expressed in Lil Peep’s music.

Question 1: What is Your Relationship Status?

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Lil Peep’s music often touches on the subject of heartbreak and failed relationships. If you are currently going through a breakup or have experienced a recent heartbreak, you may relate to songs such as “Crybaby” or “Star Shopping.”

Question 2: Have You Experienced Loss?

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Lil Peep’s music often discusses the topic of loss, whether it be the loss of a loved one or the loss of oneself. If you have experienced a significant loss in your life, you may find solace in songs such as “Life is Beautiful” or “The Way I See Things.”

Question 3: Do You Struggle with Mental Health Issues?

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Lil Peep was very open about his struggles with mental health and addiction. If you are currently struggling with similar issues, you may find comfort in songs such as “Better Off (Dying)” or “Gym Class.”

Question 4: Are You a Party Person?

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Lil Peep’s music isn’t all sad and emotional. He also had some upbeat and party-like songs such as “Benz Truck” and “Awful Things.” If you are someone who enjoys partying and having a good time, you may relate to these songs.

Question 5: Do You Use Drugs?

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Lil Peep was known for discussing drug use in his music. If you have experience with drug use or addiction, you may find solace in songs such as “The Brightside” or “U Said.”


After answering these questions, you should have a better understanding of what peep song you are. Lil Peep’s music is relatable and emotional, making it easy for listeners to identify with his lyrics. Whether you are going through a tough time or just need some music to relate to, Lil Peep’s discography has something for everyone.

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