Like Hawks NYT Crossword Clue – Solve the Puzzle with Ease

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If you’re an avid crossword solver, you must have come across the clue “Like Hawks” in The New York Times crossword puzzle. It’s a tricky one that has had many solvers stumped. However, with a little help and some clever tips, you can solve this puzzle with ease. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of the clue, possible solutions, and strategies for solving it.

The Meaning of “Like Hawks” Clue

The first step to solving any crossword puzzle is understanding the meaning of the clue. In this case, “Like Hawks” is an adjective that describes the characteristics or traits of hawks. Hawks are known for their sharp vision, keen observation, and quick movements. So, the clue is likely referring to an object, person, or behavior that shares these traits.

Possible Solutions for “Like Hawks” Clue

Now that we know the meaning of the clue, let’s explore some possible solutions. One popular answer to this clue is the word “eagle-eyed.” It’s an idiomatic expression that means having keen eyesight or being very observant. Another possible answer is “sharp-eyed,” which has a similar meaning to eagle-eyed.

However, these two answers are not the only possibilities. Other potential solutions for “Like Hawks” clue could be “observant,” “alert,” “perceptive,” “quick-witted,” or “sharp-sighted.” It’s essential to consider the letters in the surrounding squares to arrive at the correct answer.

Strategies for Solving “Like Hawks” Clue

Now that we have a few potential answers, how do we determine which one is correct? Here are some strategies to help you solve the “Like Hawks” clue:

1. Look for Crossword Puzzle Patterns

One of the best ways to solve a crossword puzzle is to look for patterns. In this case, the clue has five letters, so the solution must also have five letters. Look at the surrounding squares and see if there are any other words that fit the pattern. This will narrow down the possible answers.

2. Use Crossword Puzzle Solver Tools

If you’re still stumped, you can use online crossword puzzle solver tools. These tools allow you to enter the letters you have and the letters you’re missing, and it will generate a list of possible solutions. However, only use these tools as a last resort, as they take away from the satisfaction of solving the puzzle on your own.

3. Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, the correct answer to a crossword clue is not an obvious one. It’s essential to think outside the box and consider different meanings of the clue. For example, “Like Hawks” could also refer to a sports team, a brand name, or a historical figure. Keeping an open mind and being creative can help you solve even the most challenging crossword puzzles.


In conclusion, the “Like Hawks” NYT crossword clue may seem daunting, but with the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you’ll be able to solve it with ease. Remember to consider the meaning of the clue, look for patterns, and think outside the box. Happy solving!

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