The Forest Item ID: The Ultimate Guide

Are you playing The Forest and having trouble finding the item ID for a specific item? Look no further, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of item IDs for The Forest.

What is The Forest?

The Forest is a survival horror game developed and published by Endnight Games Ltd. The game takes place on a deserted island where the player is the lone survivor of a plane crash. The player must gather resources, build shelter, and fight off dangerous creatures in order to survive.

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What are Item IDs?

Item IDs are unique codes assigned to each item in the game. They are used by the game’s programming to identify and reference specific items. They are also used by modders to add or remove items from the game.

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How to Use Item IDs

To use an item ID, the player must open the game’s console by pressing the tilde (~) key. Once the console is open, the player can enter the item ID followed by the desired quantity. For example, to spawn 10 sticks, the player would enter “spawnitem stick 10” into the console.

List of Item IDs

Here is a list of item IDs for The Forest:

  • Arrow – spawnitem arrow
  • Battery – spawnitem battery
  • Berry – spawnitem berry
  • Bone – spawnitem bone
  • Bow – spawnitem bow
  • Cassette Tape – spawnitem cassetteplayer
  • Chainsaw – spawnitem chainsaw
  • Chocolate Bar – spawnitem candybar
  • Cloth – spawnitem cloth
  • Coins – spawnitem coins
  • Compass – spawnitem compass
  • Coneflower – spawnitem coneflower
  • Cooler – spawnitem cooler
  • Deer Head – spawnitem deerhead
  • Deer Skin – spawnitem deerskin
  • Dynamite – spawnitem dynamite
  • Feather – spawnitem feather
  • Flare – spawnitem flare
  • Flashlight – spawnitem flashlight
  • Gas Can – spawnitem gascan
  • Hairspray – spawnitem hairspray
  • Hedgehog – spawnitem hedgehog
  • Lizard – spawnitem lizard
  • Machete – spawnitem machete
  • Map – spawnitem map
  • Medicine – spawnitem medicine
  • Modern Axe – spawnitem modernaxe
  • Molotov – spawnitem molotov
  • Mushroom – spawnitem mushroom
  • Nut – spawnitem nut
  • Paddle – spawnitem paddle
  • Pickaxe – spawnitem pickaxe
  • Rabbit – spawnitem rabbit
  • Rabbit Fur – spawnitem rabbitfur
  • Rope – spawnitem rope
  • Rock – spawnitem rock
  • Skull – spawnitem skull
  • Slingshot – spawnitem slingshot
  • Stick – spawnitem stick
  • Stick Bag – spawnitem stickbag
  • Tennis Ball – spawnitem tennisball
  • Torch – spawnitem torch
  • Water Skin – spawnitem waterskin
  • Wrist Watch – spawnitem wristwatch


Knowing the item ID for a specific item can make your gameplay experience in The Forest much easier. With this comprehensive list of item IDs, you can now easily spawn any item you desire. Happy surviving!

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