TwitchCon San Diego Map

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TwitchCon is an annual convention held by the popular live streaming platform Twitch. The convention brings together content creators, fans, and industry professionals for a weekend of gaming, entertainment, and community building. The event is held in different cities across the United States each year, with TwitchCon San Diego being one of the most popular.

Location and Venue

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TwitchCon San Diego takes place at the San Diego Convention Center, a massive venue located in the heart of downtown San Diego. The convention center boasts over 2.6 million square feet of space, making it one of the largest convention centers in the world.

The San Diego Convention Center is conveniently located near many hotels, restaurants, and attractions, making it easy for attendees to explore the city during their downtime.

Exhibit Hall

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The exhibit hall is one of the main attractions at TwitchCon San Diego. It’s where attendees can check out the latest games, hardware, and software from some of the biggest names in the industry. The exhibit hall also features merchandise booths, where fans can purchase everything from t-shirts to plushies.

The exhibit hall is open for the entire duration of the convention, and there are often long lines to get in. It’s recommended that attendees arrive early to avoid the crowds.

Main Stage

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The main stage is where TwitchCon San Diego’s biggest events take place. It’s where keynote speeches, live performances, and esports tournaments are held. The main stage is usually located in a large auditorium within the convention center, and it can hold thousands of people.

Seats for the main stage are first-come, first-served, so attendees should plan to arrive early if they want to secure a good spot.

Community Meetups

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One of the best things about TwitchCon San Diego is the opportunity to meet other members of the Twitch community in person. There are several community meetups held throughout the weekend, where attendees can connect with other streamers and fans who share their interests.

Community meetups are usually organized by Twitch partners and affiliates, and they can take place anywhere from small cafes to large bars and restaurants.

After Parties

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TwitchCon San Diego is known for its legendary after parties, which take place at various venues throughout the city after the convention center closes for the night. These parties are a great way to unwind and socialize with other attendees, and they often feature special guests and surprise performances.

While some after parties are open to all attendees, others are exclusive to Twitch partners and affiliates.


TwitchCon San Diego is a must-attend event for anyone who is passionate about gaming and streaming. With its huge exhibit hall, exciting main stage events, and opportunities to connect with other members of the Twitch community, it’s no wonder that TwitchCon San Diego is one of the most popular conventions in the world.

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