Garrison Tavern Bar Rescue: Everything You Need to Know

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Garrison Tavern is a well-known bar located in Garrison, New York. The bar has been in operation for several years, but it was struggling to keep its doors open due to poor management and a lack of business. That’s when Jon Taffer, the host of the popular TV show Bar Rescue, stepped in to help.

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The Bar Rescue Episode

The episode featuring Garrison Tavern aired on March 8, 2020. In the episode, Jon Taffer and his team came to the bar to assess the situation and come up with a plan to turn things around. They quickly realized that the bar was in dire need of help.

One of the major issues with the bar was that it was trying to appeal to too many different types of customers. They were offering everything from fancy cocktails to cheap beer, and it was confusing to customers. Taffer advised the owners to focus on a specific niche and to make changes to the decor to better appeal to that group.

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The Changes Made

After assessing the situation, Taffer and his team got to work making changes to the bar. Some of the changes included:

  • Removing the pool table to make room for more seating
  • Reorganizing the bar to create a more efficient flow
  • Changing the decor to better appeal to a younger crowd
  • Creating a signature cocktail menu to attract customers
  • Training the staff to be more attentive and personable

All of these changes were made in an effort to create a more focused, cohesive bar that would attract a specific type of customer.

The Results

After the changes were made, Garrison Tavern saw an immediate increase in business. The bar was busier than ever, and customers were raving about the new decor and signature cocktails. The owners were thrilled with the results, and Taffer was happy to see another successful bar rescue under his belt.

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Garrison Tavern is just one of many bars that have been rescued by Jon Taffer and his team on Bar Rescue. The show continues to be popular with viewers, and it’s not hard to see why. Taffer has a proven track record of turning struggling bars into successful businesses, and the changes made at Garrison Tavern are just one example of his expertise.

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