Is Whitney Thore with Lennie?

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Whitney Thore is an American television personality, dancer, and body positivity advocate. She is the star of the reality TV show, My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Whitney has been in the spotlight for quite some time and fans are always curious about her personal life. One question that keeps popping up is whether Whitney Thore is with Lennie or not.

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Who is Lennie?

Lennie Alehat is Whitney’s best friend, and the two are inseparable. Lennie is a talented hair stylist and makeup artist. He is also a reality TV star himself, having appeared in several episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Whitney’s Relationship Status

As of 2021, Whitney Thore is not in a romantic relationship with Lennie. She was previously engaged to Chase Severino, but the two broke up after he cheated on her. Whitney has been vocal about her struggles with relationships, and how difficult it can be to find a partner who accepts her body and her personality.

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Whitney and Lennie’s Friendship

Whitney and Lennie have been close friends for years. They share a love for dance, food, and good times. The two often appear on each other’s social media pages, and fans love their dynamic. Whitney has stated that Lennie is one of the most important people in her life, and that he has been a pillar of support during some of her toughest times.

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Are Whitney and Lennie More Than Friends?

There have been rumors that Whitney and Lennie are more than just friends. However, Whitney has repeatedly stated that they are just friends and nothing more. While their friendship is certainly close, it does not appear to be romantic in nature.

The Importance of Friendship

Whitney and Lennie’s friendship is a great reminder of the importance of having strong bonds with the people in our lives. Friendships can be just as valuable as romantic relationships, and having a support system can help us through difficult times. Whitney and Lennie are a great example of two people who have each other’s backs through thick and thin.


While there have been rumors about Whitney Thore and Lennie, it appears that their relationship is purely platonic. Whitney is not currently in a romantic relationship, but she has a strong friendship with Lennie that has stood the test of time. Regardless of their relationship status, Whitney and Lennie are a great reminder of the importance of having a strong support system in our lives.

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