John Mulaney: A Hilarious Experience in Portland, Maine

John Mulaney: A Hilarious Experience in Portland, MaineSource: bing.com


John Mulaney is a well-known comedian, writer, and actor who has captured the hearts of many with his hilarious performances. He has performed all around the world and has gained a massive following. One of his most recent shows was in Portland, Maine. In this article, we will take a closer look at John Mulaney’s performance in Portland, Maine and explore what made the show a must-see for anyone who loves comedy.

Early Life and Career

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John Mulaney was born on August 26, 1982, in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Georgetown University and later moved to New York to pursue a career in comedy. He started his career as a writer on Saturday Night Live and later became a regular cast member. He went on to write for many other shows, including Documentary Now!, The Kroll Show, and Big Mouth.

John Mulaney’s stand-up comedy career began in the early 2000s. He performed at many comedy clubs in New York City and gained a loyal following. His first comedy album, The Top Part, was released in 2009, and his second album, New in Town, was released in 2012. Both albums received critical acclaim and helped boost his career.

Performance in Portland, Maine

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John Mulaney performed at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, Maine, on September 14, 2019. The show was part of his Kid Gorgeous tour, which also included stops in other cities such as Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The show was sold out, and fans were excited to see him perform live.

John Mulaney’s performance in Portland, Maine was nothing short of hilarious. He started the show by talking about his experience in Maine and how he enjoyed the lobster. He then went on to talk about his family, his childhood, and his life in New York City. His humor was relatable and had the audience laughing throughout the show.

Observational Comedy

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John Mulaney’s style of comedy is known as observational comedy. This type of comedy involves making jokes about everyday life and situations that people can relate to. John Mulaney’s jokes are not only funny but also clever and thought-provoking. He has a unique way of looking at things, which makes his jokes stand out from other comedians.

One example of John Mulaney’s observational comedy is his joke about how people never know what to do with their arms when they’re standing in a group photo. He says, “I don’t know what to do with my arms. They’re like, ‘Just let them hang by your side.’ But then I feel like a scarecrow.” This joke resonates with many people because it’s something that everyone has experienced.

Pop Culture References

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Another aspect of John Mulaney’s comedy is his use of pop culture references. He often makes jokes about movies, TV shows, and celebrities. His jokes are not just about the subject matter but also about how people react to it. He has a way of taking something that everyone knows about and making it even funnier.

One example of John Mulaney’s pop culture references is his joke about how people react to the movie Home Alone. He says, “Do you ever watch Home Alone with a child today? They’re like, ‘Why doesn’t he just call the police?’ Because that movie was made before children had phones.”


John Mulaney’s performance in Portland, Maine was a memorable experience for everyone who attended. His relatable humor, observational comedy, and pop culture references had the audience laughing from start to finish. If you’re a fan of comedy, then John Mulaney is a must-see performer. His unique style and clever jokes will leave you wanting more.

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