Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Countdown

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Pokemon is a popular franchise that has been around for over two decades. It has spawned countless games, anime shows, movies, and merchandise. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the newest addition to the series, and fans are eagerly anticipating its release. The game promises to bring new features, exciting gameplay mechanics, and an immersive world to explore. In this article, we will take a closer look at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and the countdown to its release.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company. The game is set in the Galar region, a vast and diverse landscape with many different biomes to explore. Players will take on the role of a Pokemon trainer and embark on a journey to become the best trainer in the region. Along the way, they will encounter and capture new Pokemon, battle other trainers, and explore the different towns and cities in the region.

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Gameplay Features

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet promises to bring new features and gameplay mechanics to the series. One of the most significant changes is the introduction of Dynamaxing, a new ability that allows Pokemon to grow in size and power. Dynamaxing can only be used once per battle, so players will need to use it strategically to gain an advantage.

In addition to Dynamaxing, there are several other new features in the game. Players will be able to customize their character’s appearance, including their hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. There is also a new co-op mode, where players can team up with friends to battle powerful Pokemon and explore the Galar region together.

The Release Date

The release date for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was initially announced as November 15, 2019. However, the game was delayed, and the new release date is November 22, 2019. This delay was to ensure that the game was of the highest quality and to fix any issues that were discovered during development.

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Pre-Order Bonuses

Players who pre-order Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will receive several bonuses. These bonuses include a special Dynamax Crystal that can be used to Dynamax their Pokemon in battle, as well as a Pikachu or Eevee outfit for their character to wear. There is also a special pre-order bundle that includes both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, as well as a steelbook case featuring both legendary Pokemon from the games.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the series. With new features, improved graphics, and an immersive world to explore, it’s no wonder that fans are eagerly awaiting its release. The countdown to November 22, 2019, is on, and we can’t wait to see what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has in store for us.

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