What Are the Dallas Cowboys Colors?

When you think of the Dallas Cowboys, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is their iconic color scheme. The team’s colors have become synonymous with their brand and are instantly recognizable to fans and non-fans alike. But what exactly are the Dallas Cowboys colors?

The Main Colors

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The Dallas Cowboys’ primary color is a deep shade of blue known as “Cowboys blue.” This color is said to represent the team’s values of unity, strength, and tradition. It is also a nod to the team’s home state of Texas, which is known for its big, open skies.

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In addition to blue, the Dallas Cowboys also prominently feature white in their color scheme. White is used as a secondary color on the team’s uniforms and is meant to represent the team’s commitment to excellence and precision. It also helps to balance out the boldness of the blue color.

The Accent Colors

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While blue and white are the main colors of the Dallas Cowboys, the team also uses accents of silver in their branding. Silver is used to represent innovation, sophistication, and a modern approach. It is often used on the team’s helmets, pants, and other uniform details.

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Another accent color used by the Dallas Cowboys is navy blue. This color is used sparingly and tends to be reserved for more formal or special occasions. It is also used in some of the team’s logos and branding materials.

A Brief History of the Dallas Cowboys Colors

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The Dallas Cowboys’ color scheme has remained relatively consistent since the team’s inception in 1960. However, there have been a few changes and adjustments made over the years. For example, the team originally used a lighter shade of blue known as “Cowboys blue,” but switched to the darker shade we know today in 1964. Additionally, the team has experimented with different combinations of blue, white, and silver over the years, but has generally stuck to the current scheme.


In summary, the Dallas Cowboys’ colors are primarily blue and white, with accents of silver and navy blue. These colors are meant to represent the team’s values of unity, excellence, and innovation. While there have been some adjustments and changes made over the years, the team’s color scheme remains a consistent and iconic part of their brand identity.

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