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If you’re an avid music listener, you’re probably familiar with Spotify Wrapped. This feature allows users to see their most played songs, artists, and genres of the year. It has become a social media trend for users to share their Wrapped statistics using a meme template.

The Origin of the Meme Template

The Wrapped meme template started gaining popularity in 2019, with users taking screenshots of their Wrapped statistics and filling in the blanks with witty captions. The template features a black background with bold white text saying “Spotify Wrapped” at the top, followed by the user’s top songs, artists, and genres divided into three sections. The final section reads “Thanks for listening with me”, and users typically add a humorous or personal caption.

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Why It Became a Meme

The Wrapped meme template became so popular because it allowed users to express their personalities and music tastes in a creative and humorous way. It also became a social media trend, with users competing to see who had the best statistics or funniest captions.

How to Make Your Own Wrapped Meme

To make your own Wrapped meme, simply take a screenshot of your Wrapped statistics and insert them into the template using a photo editing app or website. You can also find pre-made templates online or on social media.

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The Evolution of the Template

In 2020, Spotify updated the Wrapped feature to include more personalized data, such as the amount of time spent listening to podcasts and the number of new artists discovered. This led to the creation of new meme templates featuring these statistics.

Why It’s Popular

The Wrapped meme template is popular because it allows users to share their music tastes and personalities in a fun and creative way. It’s also a way to connect with other music lovers and share recommendations.

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Examples of Wrapped Memes

Here are some examples of Wrapped memes:

  • “My most played song was my alarm tone.”
  • “I listened to 72 hours of podcasts, but still don’t know anything.”
  • “My top genre was ‘songs I pretended to like to impress someone’.”
  • “I discovered 60 new artists, but only listen to the same 5.”

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The Wrapped meme template is a fun and creative way to share your music tastes and personality with others. Whether you’re making your own or admiring others’, it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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