Fort Benning Trainee Steals Ambulance

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A trainee at Fort Benning, a United States Army post in Georgia, was arrested on Monday after stealing an ambulance from a hospital.

The Incident

Fort Benning HospitalSource:

The incident occurred at Martin Army Community Hospital, where the trainee was receiving medical treatment. He managed to slip out of his restraints and steal the ambulance from the hospital’s parking lot.

The Chase

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The trainee led police on a high-speed chase through Columbus, Georgia, before crashing the ambulance into a tree. He then fled on foot before being apprehended by police.

The Arrest


The trainee was arrested and charged with theft by taking a motor vehicle, fleeing or attempting to elude police and reckless driving.

The Investigation

Fort Benning InvestigationSource:

The incident is currently under investigation by the military police and the Columbus, Georgia police department.

The Reaction

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Officials at Fort Benning have not released a statement regarding the incident. It is unclear if the trainee will face any consequences from the military.

The Significance

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This incident raises concerns about the security procedures at Fort Benning and the safety of patients at Martin Army Community Hospital.

The Conclusion

The trainee’s actions have resulted in serious consequences that will likely affect his future in the military. The investigation will hopefully shed light on any weaknesses in the security system at Fort Benning and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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