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James Bond has been one of the most iconic movie characters in history. Created by author Ian Fleming, Bond first appeared in the novel “Casino Royale” in 1953. Since then, the character has been adapted into numerous films, with the latest installment, “No Time to Die,” set to be released in 2021. Over the years, the New York Times has covered the Bond franchise extensively, providing reviews, interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the movies.

James Bond: The Early Years

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The first Bond film, “Dr. No,” was released in 1962, starring Sean Connery as the suave secret agent. The New York Times reviewed the film, calling it “a fine piece of hard-edged escapism” and praising Connery’s performance. The Times also covered the release of Fleming’s novels, with reviews of “From Russia with Love” and “Goldfinger.”

Bond Mania

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The Bond films quickly became a cultural phenomenon, with fans clamoring for more. The New York Times covered the craze, with articles about the merchandise, fan clubs, and even a “James Bond Day” declared by the mayor of New York City. The Times also interviewed Connery and other cast members during the height of Bond mania.

Changing Times and Bond

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As the world changed, so did the Bond franchise. In the 1980s, Timothy Dalton took over the role of Bond, bringing a darker edge to the character. The New York Times reviewed Dalton’s first Bond film, “The Living Daylights,” calling it “a welcome return to the grittier Bond of the early Connery days.” The Times also covered the controversy surrounding the casting of a non-British actor as Bond.

The Daniel Craig Era

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In 2006, Daniel Craig made his debut as Bond in “Casino Royale.” The New York Times praised Craig’s performance, calling him “the best Bond since Connery” and noting the film’s “brisk, efficient, and psychologically astute storytelling.” The Times has continued to cover Craig’s tenure as Bond, including reviews of “Skyfall” and “Spectre.”

Behind the Scenes

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The New York Times has also provided behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the Bond films. In 2015, the Times visited the set of “Spectre” in Mexico City, detailing the challenges of filming a helicopter stunt in the city’s historic center. The Times has also interviewed directors, producers, and other key players in the making of the Bond films.


The Bond franchise has been a cultural touchstone for decades, and the New York Times has been there every step of the way. From reviews to interviews to behind-the-scenes looks, the Times has provided comprehensive coverage of one of the most enduring movie franchises in history.

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