In the SOOP Friendcation EP 2: A Relaxing and Fun-Filled Trip

In the SOOP Friendcation EP 2: A Relaxing and Fun-Filled TripSource: bing.com


Are you a fan of BTS and their reality show, In the SOOP? If yes, then you surely don’t want to miss out on the latest episode of their spin-off series, In the SOOP Friendcation EP 2. Just like the first episode, the second one continues to showcase the friendship and bonding of the BTS members while they enjoy their vacation in a beautiful lake house in South Korea. In this article, we will take a closer look at what happened in the latest episode.

Setting the Mood

The second episode of In the SOOP Friendcation starts with a beautiful view of the lake house at dawn. The BTS members are seen sleeping peacefully in their respective rooms, with the sound of gentle waves and chirping birds in the background. The tranquil atmosphere sets the tone for the rest of the episode, which is all about relaxation and having fun.

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Waking Up to a Surprise

As the members wake up one by one, they find a pleasant surprise waiting for them. There is a handwritten note on the bedside table from the production team, inviting them to enjoy their day however they want. The note also mentions that there are some special activities planned for them, but they are free to choose whether to participate or not.

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A Day of Play and Relaxation

After breakfast, the members split up to do their own thing. Some of them decide to go for a swim in the lake, while others opt for a leisurely walk or a quiet reading session. Jungkook and Suga are seen playing a game of basketball, while Jimin practices his singing by the lakeside. The atmosphere is laid-back and carefree, with no sense of urgency or pressure.

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Special Activities

In the afternoon, the members gather for the special activities that the production team has planned for them. The first activity is a water balloon fight, which quickly turns into a hilarious and chaotic event. The members are seen laughing and joking around as they try to dodge the balloons and get each other wet.

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Barbecue Time

After the water balloon fight, the members are treated to a delicious barbecue dinner prepared by the production team. They sit around the table, chatting and enjoying the food while the sun sets behind them. The atmosphere is cozy and warm, with the sound of crackling fire and crickets in the background.

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Heart-to-Heart Conversations

As the night falls, the members sit around the fire pit and have some heart-to-heart conversations. They share their thoughts and feelings about various topics, such as their future plans and personal goals. The conversations are sincere and touching, showcasing the deep bond and trust they have with each other.

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Overall, In the SOOP Friendcation EP 2 is a wonderful and enjoyable episode that showcases the fun and relaxing side of BTS’s vacation. The members are seen having a great time, bonding with each other, and creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, be sure to check it out and experience the joy and warmth of BTS’s friendship.

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