In the Soop Friendcation Ep 3: A Relaxing Getaway

In the Soop Friendcation Ep 3: A Relaxing GetawaySource: bing.com


The third episode of In the Soop Friendcation continued the relaxing getaway of BTS members in a cabin in the woods. The focus was on the members spending time together and apart, enjoying nature, and pursuing their hobbies. Let’s take a closer look at what happened in this episode.

Jimin and J-Hope’s Yoga Session

Jimin And J-Hope'S Yoga SessionSource: bing.com

Jimin and J-Hope started their day with a yoga session by the river. They followed a yoga video and tried different poses, such as the tree and the warrior. Jimin struggled a bit with his balance, but he enjoyed the session nonetheless.

V’s Painting Session

V'S Painting SessionSource: bing.com

V spent some time painting in the cabin’s veranda. He showed his painting supplies and worked on a landscape painting while listening to music. He also talked about his interest in painting and how it helps him relax and express himself.

Rap Line’s Recording Session

Rap Line'S Recording SessionSource: bing.com

Suga, RM, and J-Hope spent some time in the cabin’s recording studio, working on a new song. They discussed the lyrics and the beat, and Suga played a sample of the instrumental. They also had some snacks and joked around while taking a break.

Jin and Jungkook’s Fishing Trip

Jin And Jungkook'S Fishing TripSource: bing.com

Jin and Jungkook went fishing in the river, using handmade fishing rods and baits. They talked about their experience with fishing and shared some tips. They also enjoyed the peaceful scenery and the sound of the water.

Jimin’s Photo Shoot

Jimin'S Photo ShootSource: bing.com

Jimin had a photo shoot in the woods, wearing a casual outfit and posing with a guitar. He talked about his interest in photography and how he likes to capture memories. He also played a short tune on the guitar.


The third episode of In the Soop Friendcation showcased the members’ individual hobbies and talents, as well as their bonding moments. It was a refreshing break from their busy schedules and a reminder of the beauty of nature. Stay tuned for the next episode!

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