The Strongest Dull Prince Chapter 1: The Beginning of a New Journey

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The Strongest Dull Prince is a popular light novel series that has been gaining a lot of attention lately. It follows the story of a young prince named Wein, who is considered to be the weakest member of his royal family. Despite his lack of natural talent and abilities, Wein is determined to become the strongest in the world.

The Beginning of Wein’s Journey

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The story starts with Wein on his way to a new town to begin his journey. He is accompanied by his loyal servant, Fyshe, who has been with him since he was born. Fyshe is a skilled warrior and has been training Wein in the art of combat.

Wein is excited to start his journey and is determined to become stronger. He knows that it will be a long and difficult road, but he is ready for the challenge. Along the way, he meets several new people who will play an important role in his journey.

Meeting Maria

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One of the people Wein meets is a young girl named Maria. She is also on a journey to become stronger and is impressed by Wein’s determination. The two quickly become friends and decide to travel together.

Maria is a skilled archer and teaches Wein how to use a bow and arrow. She also teaches him about different types of monsters and how to fight them. Wein is grateful for her help and sees her as a valuable asset to his team.

Encountering a Goblin

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While traveling through a forest, Wein and his group encounter a goblin. Wein is excited to test his skills and decides to fight it. Fyshe warns him that goblins are dangerous, but Wein is confident that he can handle it.

The battle with the goblin is intense, but Wein eventually manages to defeat it. He is pleased with his victory and sees it as a step towards becoming stronger. Fyshe is impressed with his progress and tells him that he has potential to become one of the strongest warriors in the world.


The Strongest Dull Prince Chapter 1 is an exciting beginning to an epic journey. Wein’s determination and willingness to learn make him a likable character that readers will root for. The addition of Maria and Fyshe to his team provides a good balance of skills and personalities.

Overall, The Strongest Dull Prince is a must-read for fans of the light novel genre. It offers a great mix of action, adventure, and character development that will keep readers engaged from beginning to end.

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