The Beginning After The End Chapter 70 – A Detailed Summary

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The Beginning After the End is a popular web novel that is loved and appreciated by many readers across the globe. It is a story that revolves around Arthur Leywin, a king who was once a powerful mage in his past life. In the recent chapter, chapter 70, Arthur is still on his mission to fix the problems of his kingdom, while also learning more about his past life.

The Plot

The chapter starts with Arthur being woken up by his daughter, who is excited to show him a letter that she received from her grandfather. The letter reveals that Arthur’s father is still alive and is currently ruling a city-state called Elenoir. Arthur is surprised by this revelation and decides to go to Elenoir to meet his father.

On his way, Arthur stops by a small town called Wexford where he meets a man named John. John is an old acquaintance of Arthur’s from his past life and he reveals a shocking truth about Arthur’s father. He tells Arthur that his father is not the man he thought he was and that he is actually a tyrant who has been ruling Elenoir cruelly.

The Twist

Arthur is now conflicted about what to do. He wants to meet his father and hear his side of the story, but he also knows that he needs to do something about the situation in Elenoir. He decides to continue his journey to Elenoir and find out the truth for himself.

When he arrives in Elenoir, Arthur is greeted by his father who seems to be genuinely happy to see him. However, Arthur is not convinced and he starts to ask his father about the rumors he has heard. His father denies all the allegations and tells Arthur that he is being misled by people who are jealous of his success.

What Happens Next?

The chapter ends with Arthur still unsure about what to do. He knows that his father is not telling him the truth, but he is also not sure if he is ready to confront him. He decides to stay in Elenoir for a while longer and gather more information before making a decision.

The upcoming chapters of The Beginning After The End promise to be even more exciting as Arthur embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about his father and his past life. With a well-crafted plot and well-developed characters, this web novel is definitely worth reading for anyone who loves fantasy and adventure.

In Conclusion

If you are a fan of The Beginning After The End, chapter 70 is definitely a must-read. It is a chapter that is filled with surprises and twists, and it sets the stage for even more exciting events to come. So pick up your copy of The Beginning After The End and join Arthur on his journey to uncover the truth about his past.

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