Under the Green Light Chapter 38: A Thrilling Turn of Events

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Overview of the Story So Far

Under the Green Light is a gripping detective novel that follows the life of detective John as he solves one case after another. In Chapter 38, the story takes an unexpected turn as John faces a new challenge that tests his skills to the limit.

Before we dive into the details of Chapter 38, let’s take a quick recap of the story so far. John is a detective who has solved many high-profile cases in the past. He has a reputation for being one of the best detectives in the city. However, his latest case is proving to be his toughest challenge yet.

The case involves a serial killer who has been targeting young women in the city. The killer leaves behind no clues, and the police are at a loss as to how to catch him. John takes up the case and begins his investigation.

As the story progresses, John makes some groundbreaking discoveries. He finds out that the killer has a pattern and that he is targeting women who have a specific tattoo. John also discovers that the killer is leaving behind a trace of green light at every murder scene.

John’s investigation leads him to a suspect, but he soon realizes that things are not as straightforward as they seem. The suspect has an airtight alibi, and John has no evidence to prove his guilt. That’s where Chapter 38 picks up the story.

Chapter 38: The Turning Point

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Chapter 38 starts off with John feeling frustrated and dejected. He is at a dead end, and he has no idea how to proceed with the case. However, things take an unexpected turn when he receives an anonymous tip-off.

The tip-off leads John to a seedy part of town where he discovers a warehouse filled with illegal drugs. He also finds a woman who claims to have information about the killer. The woman reveals that the killer is hiding in plain sight and that he is someone that John knows.

John is shocked by this revelation, and he has no idea who the killer could be. However, the woman gives him a clue that leads him to a suspect. John investigates the suspect and discovers that he has a connection to the green light that the killer leaves behind.

John is convinced that he has found the killer, but he has no evidence to prove it. He decides to take matters into his own hands and sets up a trap to catch the killer in the act.

The Thrilling Conclusion

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The trap is set, and John waits patiently for the killer to strike. As expected, the killer does strike, and John catches him in the act. The killer is revealed to be someone that John never suspected, and the revelation shocks him to the core.

The chapter ends with John feeling a mix of emotions. On the one hand, he is relieved that the case is finally solved. On the other hand, he is disturbed by the fact that the killer was someone that he knew and trusted.

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