Secret Class Chapter 120: The Ultimate Showdown!

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The Plot

Secret Class Chapter 120 is the latest chapter in the Korean manga series, Secret Class. The story revolves around a high school teacher named Mr. Hwang and his relationship with one of his students, Mia. In this chapter, Mia’s ex-boyfriend, Joon, comes to school to confront Mr. Hwang about his relationship with Mia.

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Joon’s Threats

Joon is furious about Mia and Mr. Hwang’s relationship and threatens to expose them to the whole school. Mr. Hwang tries to reason with Joon and convince him that their relationship is not illegal, but Joon is not convinced.


The Ultimate Showdown

After a heated argument, Mr. Hwang challenges Joon to a fight. Joon accepts the challenge, and the two engage in an intense fight in the schoolyard. The students gather around to watch the showdown, and tensions rise as the fight continues.


Mia’s Intervention

As the fight continues, Mia arrives and tries to stop them. She pleads with Joon to stop and leave Mr. Hwang alone. Joon, overwhelmed by his emotions, refuses to listen to her and continues to fight.


The Aftermath

After a brutal fight, Mr. Hwang emerges victorious, and Joon is taken away by the school authorities. Mia and Mr. Hwang reconcile and embrace each other, relieved that the situation is finally over.

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Secret Class Chapter 120 is a gripping chapter that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. With its intense fight scenes and emotional moments, this chapter is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans of the series.

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