The Inheritance Games Show Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

The Inheritance Games Show Release Date: Everything You Need to KnowSource: bing.com


If you’re a fan of mystery novels, then you’ve probably heard of “The Inheritance Games” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The book has been a hit with readers since its release in September 2020. Due to its popularity, the book has been adapted into a TV show, which has fans eagerly waiting for its release. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at “The Inheritance Games” show release date and what we can expect from the show.


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“The Inheritance Games” follows the story of Avery Grambs, a struggling high school student who discovers that she has been named in the will of a billionaire named Tobias Hawthorne. Avery inherits his entire estate, including his mansion and all his wealth, which puts her in direct competition with Hawthorne’s four grandsons. The catch? Avery never met Hawthorne, nor does she know why she was included in the will. As Avery navigates the challenges of living in a mansion filled with strangers who all have something to gain, she uncovers the secrets of Hawthorne’s past and the real reason why she was chosen.

The TV Show

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The TV show adaptation of “The Inheritance Games” was announced in September 2020, shortly after the book’s release. The show will be produced by Amazon Studios and is expected to be released on Amazon Prime Video. However, the exact release date has not been announced yet.


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The cast of “The Inheritance Games” TV show has not been announced yet. However, fans have been speculating about who could play the main characters. Some popular picks for Avery include Katherine Langford from “13 Reasons Why” and Joey King from “The Kissing Booth.” For the grandsons, fans have suggested actors such as Dylan Minnette from “13 Reasons Why” and Ross Lynch from “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”

Release Date

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As of now, the release date for “The Inheritance Games” TV show has not been announced. However, it is expected to be released sometime in 2022. The show was initially scheduled to start filming in early 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production was delayed.

What to Expect

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As a fan of the book, you can expect the TV show to follow the storyline closely. However, there may be some changes made to the plot to accommodate the medium. For example, some characters may be combined or removed altogether, and some scenes may be added for dramatic effect. Additionally, the TV show will give us a chance to see the mansion and Hawthorne’s estate come to life in a way that the book never could.


“The Inheritance Games” TV show release date may not be set yet, but we know it is coming soon. Fans of the book can expect to see the story come to life on their screens in 2022. With an intriguing plot and a talented cast, this adaptation is sure to be a hit.

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