Learn to Play Walk by Pantera with these Easy-to-Follow Tabs

Learn to Play Walk by Pantera with these Easy-to-Follow TabsSource: bing.com


Pantera’s classic hit “Walk” is a staple of heavy metal music. It’s one of the band’s most recognizable songs, and for good reason: the riff is catchy, the vocals are powerful, and the drums hit hard. If you’re looking to learn to play “Walk” on guitar, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll provide you with an easy-to-follow tab that will have you playing like Dimebag Darrell in no time.

The Basics of Walk by Pantera

Before we dive into the tab, let’s go over the basics of the song. “Walk” is played in drop D tuning, which means you’ll need to tune your low E string down to a D. The main riff of the song is played on the A and D strings, and it’s a simple four-note pattern that repeats throughout the song.

Pantera GuitarSource: bing.com

The Walk Tab

Here’s the tab for “Walk” by Pantera:


As you can see, the tab is quite simple. The main riff is just a four-note pattern played on the A and D strings. The only other part of the song that you need to know is the chorus, which is also quite easy to play. Here’s the tab for the chorus:


Once you have these two parts down, you’ll be able to play “Walk” from start to finish.

Tips for Playing “Walk” by Pantera

Here are a few tips to help you master “Walk” by Pantera:

  • Make sure you’re in drop D tuning before you start playing.
  • Practice the main riff slowly at first, and gradually speed up as you get more comfortable with it.
  • Pay close attention to your picking hand. The riff is played with downstrokes only, so make sure you’re keeping a steady rhythm.
  • When you’re playing the chorus, make sure you’re muting the strings with your fretting hand. This will give you a more percussive sound.
  • Don’t be afraid to add your own flair to the song. Dimebag Darrell was known for his improvisational skills, so feel free to experiment with the riffs and add your own solos and fills.

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“Walk” by Pantera is a classic heavy metal song that’s a lot of fun to play on guitar. With this easy-to-follow tab, you’ll be playing like Dimebag Darrell in no time. Remember to practice slowly at first and gradually increase your speed, pay close attention to your picking hand, and feel free to add your own style to the song. Happy playing!

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