Chop Suey Guitar Tab: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing the Iconic Song

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Chop Suey! is one of the most iconic songs by the American rock band System of a Down. The song was released in 2001 as a part of their album Toxicity. It’s not just the lyrics and vocals that make this song so popular, but also the guitar riffs that are instantly recognizable. If you’re a beginner guitarist and want to learn how to play Chop Suey, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll break down the Chop Suey guitar tab for you.

Understanding the Basics of Guitar Tabs

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Guitar tabs are an easy way to read and understand music for beginners. They are a simple way to represent the guitar neck and the strings. Each horizontal line represents a string, and the numbers on the lines indicate the fret numbers that you need to press on that string. A ‘0’ indicates an open string or a string that is not pressed down on any fret. A guitar tab also includes symbols that indicate how to play the notes, such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, and bends.

The Chop Suey Guitar Tab

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The Chop Suey guitar tab is fairly easy to play, and it’s a great song to learn if you’re a beginner. The song is played in standard tuning, which means that the strings are tuned to the notes E, A, D, G, B, and E from the low to high strings. Here’s the Chop Suey guitar tab:


As you can see, the Chop Suey guitar tab consists of only one riff that is repeated throughout the song. The riff is played on the A and E strings, and it’s a combination of open strings and the third and fifth frets. The rhythm of the song is fast-paced, so you’ll need to practice playing the riff at a quick tempo.

Tips for Playing Chop Suey on Guitar

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Learning how to play Chop Suey on guitar is not just about memorizing the guitar tab. Here are some tips to help you play the song like a pro:

  • Start slow: The rhythm of the song is quite fast, so start by playing the riff slowly and gradually increase the tempo.
  • Practice alternate picking: Alternate picking is a technique where you alternate between downstrokes and upstrokes. This technique will help you play the notes quickly and smoothly.
  • Use a metronome: A metronome is a tool that helps you keep time. Use a metronome while practicing the song to stay on beat.
  • Pay attention to dynamics: The song has dynamic shifts between loud and quiet sections. Pay attention to these dynamic shifts and adjust your playing accordingly.
  • Experiment with effects: The guitar riffs in Chop Suey use a lot of distortion and effects. Experiment with different effects pedals to find the sound that works best for you.



Learning how to play Chop Suey on guitar is a great accomplishment for any beginner guitarist. With its iconic riffs and fast-paced rhythm, the song is sure to impress your friends and family. Remember to start slow, practice regularly, and experiment with different techniques and effects. With enough practice, you’ll be playing Chop Suey like a pro in no time!

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