News: Skoda praises all versions of the ENYAQ COUPE iV

News: Skoda praises all versions of the ENYAQ COUPE iV

The sloping roofline contributes to optimal streamline and thus efficiency. The ENYAQ COUPÉ iV 60 version is theoretically good for a maximum range of 403 kilometers. With a 77 kWh battery pack, the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV 80 version can theoretically cover a distance of up to 552 kilometers. Thanks to the 125 kW fast charging option, battery charging takes place under ideal conditions from 5-80% 35 minutes for the ’60’ version and 29 minutes for the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV 80. Each coupé comes with a Mode 3 charging cable as standard.

Skoda ENYAQ iV Coupe

All versions have LED lights on the front and rear and a panoramic glass roof as standard. A digital (5.3-inch) cockpit and a center-placed 13-inch infotainment touchscreen, navigation system, smartphone integration and voice control are always included. From the Business version, amenities such as a steering wheel and seat heaters, a phone case for smartphone wireless charging, sound suppression windows, and assistance systems such as predictive cruise control, crew shields and side assistance are standard. The ENYAQ COUPÉ iV Sportline lives up to its name with 20-inch light alloy wheels, sporty design accents (black), and a lower sports suspension.

The price of the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV 60 starts from €51,690, the ENYAQ COUP iV 80 will be available from €56,890. The ENYAQ iV SUV is available with a 132 kW electric motor and 58 kWh battery pack from € 48,690, while the ENYAQ iV 80 with a 150 kW electric motor and a 77 kWh battery pack has a starting price of € 54,590*.

Skoda provides a full 2 ​​year manufacturer’s warranty and an 8 year official warranty on high-voltage batteries (up to 160,000 km). Maintenance and MOT are included up to and including 7 years. ENYAQ (COUPÉ) iV buyers also receive free Electric Driving Training.