Russian Transfer Student Who Can’t Speak Japanese

Russian Transfer Student Who Can’t Speak JapaneseSource: bing.com

Moving to a foreign country can be a daunting experience, especially for a student who doesn’t speak the local language. This was the case for Maria, a Russian transfer student who moved to Japan to pursue her studies. Not only did she have to adjust to a new culture, but she also had to learn a new language from scratch. Let’s take a closer look at her journey and the challenges she faced.

Why Did Maria Move to Japan?

Why Did Maria Move To Japan?Source: bing.com

Maria’s decision to move to Japan wasn’t an easy one. She had always been interested in Japanese culture and wanted to learn more about it. She was also attracted to the country’s high-tech industry and wanted to pursue a career in that field. After doing some research, she found a university in Tokyo that offered a program in her field of study. However, the program was taught in Japanese, a language she had no prior knowledge of.

The Language Barrier

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As soon as Maria arrived in Japan, she realized that the language barrier was going to be a major hurdle. She couldn’t understand anything people said to her, and she struggled to express herself. Even simple tasks like ordering food or buying groceries became a challenge. She felt isolated and frustrated, and often wondered if she had made the right decision in coming to Japan.

Trying to Learn Japanese

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Despite the difficulties, Maria was determined to learn Japanese. She enrolled in a language school and spent several hours a day studying grammar and vocabulary. She also tried to practice speaking with anyone who would listen, even if it was just a simple greeting. Slowly but surely, her Japanese started to improve. She was able to understand more of what people were saying, and she could express herself with more confidence.

Making Friends

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One of the hardest things about being a transfer student is making friends. It’s even harder when you don’t speak the language. However, Maria was lucky enough to meet some friendly and welcoming Japanese students who were eager to help her. They would often invite her out to social events, and even though she didn’t always understand everything that was going on, she enjoyed their company and felt less alone.

Adjusting to Japanese Culture

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In addition to learning the language, Maria had to adjust to a new culture. She had to get used to the food, the customs, and the social norms. For example, she had to learn how to bow properly, how to use chopsticks, and how to take off her shoes before entering someone’s home. It was a steep learning curve, but Maria was determined to adapt.

The Rewards of Studying Abroad

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Despite the challenges, Maria found that studying abroad was a rewarding experience. She learned a lot about herself and gained a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. She also made some lifelong friends and developed important skills like adaptability and resilience. Most importantly, she achieved her goal of learning Japanese and was able to pursue her dream career in Japan.


Moving to a foreign country can be a scary and overwhelming experience, especially for a student who doesn’t speak the language. However, with determination, hard work, and an open mind, it’s possible to overcome the challenges and thrive. Maria’s story is a testament to that. If you’re considering studying abroad, don’t let the language barrier hold you back. With the right attitude and support, you can achieve your goals and have a life-changing experience.

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