Genbo: The Dishonored Raid

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The Genbo raid was a shameful incident that took place in the year 1274. This raid was executed by the Mongol Empire against the Japanese island of Tsushima. The Mongols had been expanding their territories and were keen on taking over Japan as well. The Genbo raid was their first attempt to conquer Japan, which eventually failed.

Background of the Genbo Raid

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The Mongol Empire was one of the most powerful empires in history. The empire was led by Kublai Khan, who was the grandson of Genghis Khan. The Mongols had already conquered China, Korea, and other neighboring territories. They were now eyeing Japan as their next target.

The Japanese island of Tsushima was strategically located between Japan and Korea. It was an important trade route for the Japanese. The Mongols saw Tsushima as their gateway to Japan and decided to attack it.

The Raid

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The Mongols launched the attack on Tsushima in the year 1274. They had a force of 15,000 soldiers, which included both infantry and cavalry. The Japanese defenders were no match for the Mongols, who had advanced weaponry and tactics.

The Mongols easily overwhelmed the Japanese defenders and took control of the island. They then proceeded to massacre the Japanese residents of the island. The raid was brutal, and the Japanese suffered a humiliating defeat.

The Aftermath

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The Genbo raid was a turning point in Japanese history. The Japanese realized that they were vulnerable to foreign attacks and needed to strengthen their defenses. They started building fortresses and trained their soldiers in new tactics to prepare for future attacks.

The raid also had a profound impact on Japanese culture. It inspired many works of literature and art that depicted the bravery of the Japanese defenders and the horrors of the raid.

Legacy of the Genbo Raid

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The Genbo raid is still remembered in Japan today as a symbol of the country’s resilience and determination. It has become a popular topic in Japanese popular culture, with many films, books, and video games based on the raid.

The raid also inspired the creation of the Tsushima Shrine, which was built to honor the Japanese defenders who lost their lives in the raid. The shrine still stands today and is visited by many tourists who want to pay their respects to the fallen Japanese soldiers.


The Genbo raid was a tragic incident that left a lasting impact on Japanese history and culture. It was a brutal reminder that Japan was not invincible and needed to strengthen its defenses to protect itself from foreign invaders. The raid also inspired a sense of national pride in the Japanese people and has become an important part of their cultural heritage.

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